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Arizona Wrongful Death Lawyer

Stats on wrongful deaths in Arizona are difficult to come by. So, we need to rely on the national wrongful death stats from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The information on this page is current as of 2015 – the most recent year for which data on wrongful deaths has been published.

Wrongful death due to injury is the fourth most common cause of death in the United States. 146,571 deaths can be classified as wrongful deaths, caused by someone else’s negligence. 33,381 of wrongful deaths involve a significant fall. For example, someone working on a construction site in Phoenix might tragically fall to their death after a faulty harness gives way.

Motor vehicle accidents are the second largest cause of wrongful deaths in America. 37,757 people were killed as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Many of these types of wrongful deaths in Arizona are caused by distracted or reckless drivers.

The largest cause of unintentional deaths in the US is poisoning – killing 47,758 people. These can be cases where a child tragically breaks into a cabinet full of chemicals in their family’s kitchen. Or it could be a situation where drywall installed in a family home is not properly screened for harmful materials like led or asbestos.

Arizona Wrongful Death – Comparative Negligence Laws

Wrongful death cases are always complicated. First, families are dealing with a tragic shock. Second, everyone potentially responsible for the wrongful death will try to point fingers at other potential causes. Arizona is a comparative negligence state, where fault and damages are imposed based on the percentage of responsibility each party has for the wrongful death.

In Arizona, wrongful death cases are judged based on a percentage of responsibility. As long as it can be legally proven that the individual that died was no more than 49% responsible for their death, a proportional amount of damages can be collected from the other parties that played a role in causing the death of the accident victim.  

What should I do after a wrongful death accident in Arizona?

The shock and heartbreak that your family is feeling during this time is unimaginable to those that haven’t been through the same type of situation. Wrongful deaths are completely unexpected and result in serious emotional trauma to everyone involved. At Zanes Law, we work hard to help the families of wrongful death victims minimize stress and anxiety during a difficult time. Financial worry is a major factor in wrongful death cases. By working hard to secure any financial compensation that your family is entitled to under Arizona personal injury laws, we’re able to help families rebuild and enjoy a more peaceful future.

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Wrongful Death Victims in Arizona

In the cloud of grief and heartache following a wrongful death in Arizona, the companies and individuals that feel they are potentially responsible for your loved one’s accident will try to reach out. They may sound sympathetic and caring, but their real goal is to minimize their personal liability for the accident. They’ll try to squeeze you for information and then pressure you to accept a low-ball cash settlement. In return, they’ll ask you to sign a form that forfeits your legal right to sue them for the total damages they caused you and your family.

Do not sign anything without consulting an Arizona wrongful death attorney. Agreeing to anything could impact your legal rights. Many families of wrongful death victims fail to properly account for the long-term financial impact that losing a loved one will have. Therefore, they accept settlements for much less than they are potentially legally entitled to under Arizona wrongful death laws.

Zanes Law – Arizona Wrongful Death Law Firm

You don’t have to suffer through the legal maze and high-pressure negotiations alone. Every decision you make will have legal consequences. Zanes Law has offices in Phoenix and Tucson. We’d be honored to serve you during your family’s darkest hour.

If you don’t feel up to meeting our team in our personal injury law offices, we’ll come to you. We are happy to travel to anywhere in the communities surrounding Phoenix and Tucson.

Don’t worry about costly legal fees. We do no charge clients an up-front fee for our services. After discussing the specifics of your wrongful death claim, we’ll both decide whether or not we’re a good fit. If you agree to allow us to take care of you and your family, you’ll sign a contingency fee agreement.

This agreement stipulates that you and your family will never receive an invoice for our services if we are unsuccessful in securing financial compensation for you and your family. From the moment we start working together, you can say goodbye to the high-pressured negotiation calls from the other side. We’ll handle all of the communication with insurance companies and lawyers on your behalf. You have more important things to focus on.

Our experienced wrongful death legal team is standing by 24/7 for your call or message. We look forward to answering your questions and helping to provide some peace of mind during a difficult time. These decision are difficult, but they’re a little easier when you have someone in your corner with more than a decade of experience negotiating and litigating wrongful death claims in Arizona.

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