Whole Foods Lawsuit

Whole Foods Lawsuit

A Texas pastor filed a lawsuit against Whole Foods alleging an employee wrote an anti-gay slur on his cake, however, Whole Foods has fired back and is now counter-suing, stating his claims are fraudulent.

Recently, a Texas pastor placed a custom order for a cake at his local Whole Foods store in Austin, Texas. He is claiming that when he opened the box,  he noticed that the cake stated “Love Wins F-g.”

The pastor called Whole Foods to report the claim, however, Whole Foods is firing back by providing video footage of the cake at the time of purchase, proving that there was no written slur on the cake when it left their bakery.

The story has gone viral and some are siding with Whole Foods,  stating that this incident seems like a scam since the anti-gay slur seems to be a different color and different hand-writing than the LOVE WINS font.

Others are in disbelief that Whole Foods would do such a thing.

At the moment, the case is still pending….


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