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Arizona Truck Accident Lawyer

Zanes Law is an Arizona based personal injury law firm. We have offices staffed with truck accident lawyers in both Tucson and Phoenix. We also have attorneys handling truck accident cases in our Seattle office. Doug Zanes and his team know that few accidents  can equal the carnage and massive property damage associated with a truck accident. In car versus truck, the truck always wins because of its massive size and weight. If you’ve been in a truck accident, you need an Arizona truck accident lawyers with in-depth experience holding insurance companies and trucking companies accountable.

In 2012, there were more than 2500 accidents involving large trucks, including 18-wheelers traveling across country. 48 wrongful deaths and 572 life-altering injuries were caused by these tragic accidents. That’s just in one year on Arizona’s roads and highways!

Unfortunately, accidents involving trucks happen every day. If you’re facing down a huge transportation company or their insurance company after an accident, let us help you avoid getting crushed by their manipulative representatives.

The Arizona personal injury team at Zanes Law understands what it takes to protect your family’s future after a trucking accident. We’ve helped accident victims and their families recover nearly $140 million to help provide for their financial security, pay ongoing medical costs and, in the most tragic of cases, funeral expenses.

Trucking Companies Try to Control the Investigation

After an accident, you need a truck accident lawyer because Arizona trucking companies have a bad habit of attempting to influence the investigation and official findings after an accident. The first thing they do, before contacting you and your family, is call their contacts with the Arizona Department of Transportation, Arizona Department of Public Safety and any other local law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation of your trucking accident.

Thankfully we have ethical law enforcement agencies that rebuff these attempts. But that doesn’t keep the trucking industry from doing everything in their power to minimize their liability for the actions of tired and poorly trained truck drivers.

Investigating the Trucking Company and Truck Driver

The Arizona state Department of Transportation provides all official Arizona truck accident reports and will make a general determination of fault. However, the attorneys for each injured driver involved can also conduct separate investigations into the track-record of the shipping company and the driving history of the truck driver. Many times the truck is actually owned by the driver, which means that both the driver and the shipping company could potentially be liable.

Trucking companies are notorious for skirting Arizona Department of Transportation rules for truck inspection, but your Zanes Law truck accident lawyer will hold them accountable. This includes ensuring drivers do not exceed the limit on the number of hours they can drive in a 24-hr period or during the entire month. Failure to inspect a rig at proper intervals or repair a shifted load can easily result in a truck accident. This can occur based on driver haste to meet a delivery time or company policy that encourages driver negligence, or both. The Department of Transportation citation record of either the driver or the company can impact a case, especially in a full trial when the plaintiff counsel feels they can win a punitive damage award from the jury.

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Potential for Multiple Negligent Parties

After any automotive accident in Arizona, police reports should be filed. A responding agency will take down the information of all parties involved in the accident. If there are more than two vehicles involved in an accident, it’s possible that fault could be spread between more than one individual.

Arizona personal injury laws dictate that every negligent party involved in an accident be held accountable for the portion of the accident that was their fault. Truck accident cases involving multiple parties get very complex. It’s important that you quickly contact Zanes Law and seek with a truck accident lawyer after an accident involving multiple vehicles in Arizona.
We can help ensure that all appropriate information is gathered quickly – greatly improving your odds of holding the negligent parties accountable.

Defective Product Claims in Arizona Truck Accidents

Many Arizona truck accidents are caused by poorly designed or maintained automotive parts. If a truck driver slams on the brakes, but the truck fails to stop as usual, it could be that an automotive parts manufacturer failed to ensure that their products were safe for the road.

Truck companies and the insurance companies that cover their equipment will try to find ways to shift the liability for the accident away from their driver and onto the manufacturer of the truck equipment. You need a personal injury attorney that understands how to represent your interests – no matter the cause of the accident.

But your Zanes Law truck accident lawyer won’t let trucking companies off the hook just because they think they can throw mud at a manufacturer. If there are legitimate equipment malfunctions involved, we’ll help you assess the situation and guide you down the best path to receiving the compensation your family needs to get back on your feet.

Affordable Truck Accident Legal Representation

Every truck accident involves a complex set of facts that need to be sufficiently analyzed. After experiencing the jolt of a truck accident, you need to first ensure your safety. Call 911 and get access to the medical attention you need. Once you’ve ensured your personal safety, your next call has to be to Zanes Law to speak with a truck accident lawyer located in either Tucson or Phoenix.

It’s hard to beat the decade of experience our personal injury firm has earned through representing truck accident victims. We already know all the dirty tricks the trucking companies and their insurance companies like to play, and we’re ready to take the burden of dealing with these people off your shoulders.

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