Ep #30: Brenda’s Accident and Her Car Accident Attorney

On this car accident attorney episode, hosted by Casey, we discuss another real-life accident case study. Our today’s guest, Brenda, was recently involved in an auto-accident and has quite an interesting story to share with us.

Join us to find out about what happens when, even in a smaller car accident, someone gets injured in a way that is not outwardly apparent. Discover what insurance companies can do in order to avoid paying for the injured person’s treatment and what support from a good car accident attorney can do for you. Click “Play” below to find out!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Details of Brenda’s accident and her car accident attorney.
  • Her condition after the accident and how it worsened.
  • The insurance adjuster’s reaction when Brenda talked about her condition.
  • Why she decided to get a car accident attorney.
  • The surprise letters her car accident attorney received from the insurance company.
  • The amazing support Brenda’s car accident attorney provided for her.

Featured On The Show:

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