Ep #16: Chapter 2: When the Injured Get Cheated. How Much Coverage Do I Need?

Handle Your Own Personal Injury Case Process

This week on Zanes Law Personal Injury Legal Tips, we take another, deeper look into the content of Doug Zanes’s book Winning Your Personal Injury Case: The Ultimate 8 Step Guide to Protect Your Health, Family and Finances. Doug’s book was written primarily for those who want to handle their own personal injury case process without the help of an attorney as well as for people who have not been in an accident yet, but would like to prepare themselves in case an accident occurs. Tune in to discover detailed information about the different types of coverage that you should have on your insurance policy in order to insure you don’t get cheated when you get into an accident. Don’t miss this episodes important tips and advice!

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Who the Doug’s book is for.
  • How to handle your own personal injury case process
  • Why you should listen to what Doug has to say.
  • The importance of knowing what kind of coverage you currently have.
  • Which coverage you should add to your plan and why.
  • How to ensure you get fully compensated in case of an accident.

Featured On The Show:

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