Ep #11: Diminished Value Claims

<h3>Diminished Value Claim Information</h3>

Today, we are discussing an important topic for those who have been involved in a car accident that was not their fault. Personal injury lawyer Doug Zanes is providing the listener with diminished value claim information. Unfortunately, after the accident, when vehicle has been fixed, it is no longer worth the same amount of money as it did before the accident. It is possible to potentially get reimbursed for this loss through something called a diminished value claim.

Tune in for diminished value claim information and to learn if a diminished value claim is a right fit for your case, why you would want to file it and how to get the process started. Don’t miss this episode if you have been in an accident and are wondering how the diminished value claim works.

What Diminished Value Claim Information You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Who the diminished value claims are best suited for.
  • The prerequisites for filing a diminished value claim.
  • Whose insurance company should pay for repairs of the vehicle and why.
  • How to prove that your car is actually worth less after the accident.
  • Can an attorney help you with a diminished value claim?

Featured On The Show:

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