What Is The Talcum Powder Lawsuit?

What Is The Talcum Powder Lawsuit? If doctors diagnosed you with ovarian cancer or mesothelioma and you have a history of talcum powder use, you may be eligible to join an ongoing mass tort claim against a talcum powder manufacturer.

Talcum powder manufacturer Johnson & Johnson faces thousands of lawsuits related to the possibility that its talcum powder products, including Baby Powder and Shower to Shower, may cause an increased risk of mesothelioma and ovarian cancer. With more than 14,000 cases pending as of September 2018, the courts have consolidated many of them into a mass tort.

If your doctor diagnosed you with mesothelioma or ovarian cancer and you are a current or former user of a talcum powder product, you may be eligible to join multidistrict litigation (MDL) pending against Johnson & Johnson. The case is MDL No. 2738, “Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Products Marketing, Sales Practices, and Products Liability Litigation.”

The Talcum Powder Lawsuit Makes Several Serious Allegations

In the lawsuits filed against Johnson & Johnson, the plaintiffs claim that talcum powder can cause cancer in two ways:

  • When inhaled, the asbestos content in the talc could increase the risk of mesothelioma; and
  • When used for feminine hygiene purposes, the talc could lead to ovarian cancer.

In addition to claiming the powder caused or contributed to their cancers, they claim that Johnson & Johnson and other manufacturers of talcum powder products have been hiding the truth about how dangerous its products are for decades. In fact, the companies may have been aware of a link between this type of powder and ovarian cancer since the 1970s. The company continues to deny there is any link between its products and cancer.

There Is Evidence to Back the Claims Made in These Lawsuits

Talc was once the primary ingredient in baby powders and many other powder products and is still widely used today. Talc works well to soak up oil, sweat, and other moisture to keep the skin dry. For this reason, it is often used on the face, genitals, and to prevent diaper rash.

However, the rocks that talc are mined from are also a source of asbestos. Once a frequently used building material, the mineral is now known as the cause of mesothelioma and other types of lung cancer. This means that talc-based powders could also contain asbestos, although Johnson & Johnson denies this claim.

In fact, Johnson & Johnson still claims its products are safe and have not issued any warnings about their use.

You Only Have a Limited Time to Join the Talcum Powder Lawsuits

There are time limits in place that may prevent you from pursuing legal action if you wait too long. While we can help you understand how long you may have to file your case, you should consider calling us as soon as possible. We want to help you take legal action against talcum powder manufacturers.

Because product manufacturers have a duty to provide safe products and issue appropriate warnings if its products cause a significant risk to a person’s health or safety, Johnson & Johnson may be legally responsible for your cancer. Let us help you

understand your eligibility to join the pending multi-district litigation or hold the company liable in another way.

Talk to a Talcum Powder Lawsuit Attorney About Your Case

If you have cancer and believe there may be a link between your diagnosis and your use of talcum powder products, the team from Zanes Law can review your case for free. Let us determine if you are eligible to join the ongoing MDL or take other legal action.

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