Zanes Law is a personal injury law firm with offices in Seattle WA and Phoenix & Tucson, AZ.  Through our experience, we know that loose dogs have become an increasing problem in Seattle. A dog’s owner is always responsible when the dog bites someone else. At Zanes Law, our Seattle dog bite lawyers know the majority of dog bite incidents are due to the fact that dog owners are not keeping vicious and aggressive dogs restrained. Unfortunately, they are allowing them to run off leash. Less frequently, dog bites occur inside the yard where the dog is confined. Too many citizens suffer severe injuries as a result of other people’s negligence. Our animal attack attorneys know that aggressive dogs can maim and even kill people, especially children. People have the right to be safe while walking in their neighborhoods. No one should have to worry about being injured by someone’s pet.

There are laws in place to protect people from dog attacks, and the Zanes Law Seattle personal injury lawyers know how to use these laws to get you compensated. Unfortunately, irresponsible dog owners often ignore these laws and dog bites still happen. When dog owners are negligent, they can still be brought to justice and compensate victims for any damages. If you have been injured in a dog attack, the Zanes Law animal attack attorneys can advise you regarding your legal rights.

One Dog Attack Example

According to a recent article in The Seattle Times, five pit bulls severely mauled a UPS driver delivering a package. He just escaped with his life and almost bled to death before help arrived. The dogs were placed on a dangerous dogs list and could be euthanized by law. However, that doesn’t help the UPS worker heal from his pain or pay all his medical bills. He is entitled to be compensated for the damages he sustained because of his injuries. This is why our Seattle dog bite lawyers fight as hard as we do. It is our job to get victims the compensation they deserve.

Victims Suffer Both Physical & Mental Injuries

Our animal attack attorneys know that dog bites are traumatic experiences and can cause PTSD in some cases. Dog bite victims could become too terrified to leave their houses. The mental anguish of being injured and possibly even disfigured is overwhelming for some people. If a dog bite severely scars someone’s face, it could have lasting effects on that person’s self-esteem.

Dog bites can also cause severe physical injuries, such as skin and muscle damage. Repairing these types of injuries requires extensive medical treatment and aftercare like physical therapy or multiple skin grafts. These injuries can also lead to permanent disabilities. Medical bills for dog bite victims can be enormous, and the dog’s owner should be the one who covers them. The physical pain from a violent dog attack can last a lifetime. Living in constant pain and not being able to participate in the same activities anymore can cause a victim severe depression. There are all kinds of long-lasting effects that could result from a dog bite.

People who are victims of violent dog attacks often suffer from lifelong pain. A perfect example of how devastating a dog bite can be is the story of Seattle resident, Ona Deane-Gordly, who had her scalp ripped from her skull and her teeth and jaw torn from her face. The dog bit her 70 times. She needed thousands of stitches and staples to close all her wounds. Several years after the dog attack, she experiences excruciating pain on a daily basis due to all her nerve damage. Victims of this type of long-term pain and suffering deserve more than just compensation for medical bills. Yet victims of violent dog attacks do deserve to have the responsible parties cover their medical expenses so that the victims can instead focus on recovering.

Our Animal Attack Attorneys Fight!

If you have been injured from a dog bite, it is vital to hire an attorney who specializes in dog bite injuries to get the compensation you deserve. Contact the Zanes Law dog bite lawyers in Seattle immediately in order to receive full compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys will guide you, be your advocate, and alleviate your stress, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Zanes Law specializes in helping dog bite victims navigate the legal process and fight for their rights. We will seek out compensation for any of your medical expenses, wages you’ve lost while recovering, and money you’ll spend on future medical expenses. The mental and emotional trauma from a dog bite can be debilitating for some people. We recognize that the pain and suffering from a dog attack is enduring. Without the help of an attorney, you might not be able to recover any of the monetary losses you’ve incurred, and the dog owner will go unpunished. Don’t let the dog’s owner escape justice and cause more people to suffer. Let Zanes Law determine what compensation you deserve and fight to get it for you.

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