Zanes Law is a personal injury law firm with offices in Seattle, WA and Phoenix & Tucson, AZ. As experienced Seattle auto accident attorneys, we know that every year hundreds of people perish in car accidents in Washington State. As the most populated city in the state, Seattle is where a large percentage of car crashes occur. Our car crash attorneys in Seattle know that, even if you are a safe, experienced and defensive driver, another person’s negligence can wreak havoc on your life. Our Seattle car accident lawyers know that coping with injuries and other problems following an accident. The financial consequences can be truly staggering. In Washington, the law is on your side. However, without the help of a skilled Washington car accident lawyer, getting the compensation that you deserve is challenging.

Auto Accidents in Seattle Are a Continuing Problem

When you are injured in a car accident, you must understand the importance of knowing where to turn for help. You need to pick Seattle auto accident attorneys who win! You need to pick the Seattle car wreck lawyers at Zanes Law.

Washington State Car Accident Statistics

It helps to understand just how common car crashes are in Seattle and throughout the state. Hundreds of people continue to lose their lives on Washington roads and highways despite major improvements in automobile safety features. According to the National Safety Council, the car crash fatality rate in Washington State decreased in 2016. At the same time, the fatality rate actually increased nationwide. Across the country, car crash fatalities rose by six percent during that period.

In the U.S. in 2016, there were more than 40,000 fatalities due to automobile accidents. Five hundred thirty-six of these occurred in Washington. There were 467 auto fatalities in 2014 and 567 in 2015, so Washington fatalities have not consistently risen or fallen. Note that these figures do not reflect all of the auto injuries that occur throughout the state that do not lead to death. Across the country in 2016, more than 4.6 million people sustained injuries in automobile accidents, and a considerable percentage of them were located in the State of Washington.

Seattle Car Accident Statistics

As for the city of Seattle itself, zeroing in on specific crash statistics isn’t easy. In 2013, there were 29 fatal car crashes in the city, eleven of which involved alcohol. Fifty-eight people were involved in these accidents, including 15 pedestrians, and the wrecks resulted in 30 fatalities. In 2014 in Seattle, there were 17 fatal car accidents reported, so the figure  dropped. Seven of these fatal accidents involved alcohol. Twenty-nine people (including seven pedestrians) were involved in these incidents, and there were 18 fatalities.

Why are car accidents so prevalent throughout the country? Most experts blame distracted driving due to cell phones and other electronics, and the State of Washington is taking this problem seriously. In fact, the state is working on passing the Driving Under the Influence of Electronics Act, which would ban drivers from using handheld electronic devices and would impose serious penalties if they do. Still, surveys of Washington drivers aren’t reassuring. Approximately one-quarter of respondents admitted to speeding through residential neighborhoods. Around 1 in 10 admitted to driving after consuming alcohol or marijuana, and almost half stated that they believe it’s okay to text while driving.

It’s easy to see why there is such a resounding need for skilled car accident lawyers in Seattle. If you have been injured in an auto accident or if your loved one has lost his or her life due to another driver’s negligence, Zanes Law is here to help.

About Zanes Law

Based in Seattle, Zanes Law focuses on car accident injury  cases. Our Seattle auto accident attorneys have the experience and skill sets needed to see clients to the most successful conclusions possible. Our team understands the rights of injured people like you, and we are familiar with how the legal system works. With our assistance, you will get paid for your injuries.

A Car Accident Is a Life-Changing Event

Until it happens to you, there’s no way to understand what a profound impact a serious car accident can have on your life. Our Seattle car accident lawyers know this first hand. In addition to facing personal injuries, you’re likely to deal with damages to or the loss of your vehicle. You might be unable to continue working to support your family, and you could go through mental and emotional trauma because of your experience. Like so many who have never been in an accident before, you will probably assume that the law and the insurance companies are on your side. But sadly, if you do not have the proper legal representation, those entities are all too likely to trample on your rights.

You Are Not Alone After Your Car Crash

The auto accident attorneys in Seattle, WA at Zanes Law are here to help. In the aftermath of a car accident in which you have suffered injuries due to the negligence of another person, it’s easy to feel hopeless, isolated, and alone. You might feel this way particularly if you encounter the tricky maneuverings of insurance adjusters. It won’t take long for you to see that no one is going to voluntarily give you what you are owed. Most of the time, you must hold the responsible parties accountable. Often, the only way to do so is by pursuing the matter in court.

Let Our Car Accident Lawyers in Seattle, WA Protect Your Rights

As a car accident victim, you have rights. In a perfect world, everyone involved would respect those rights to ensure that you are made whole again. But plenty of unscrupulous people will go out of their ways to avoid responsibility, even when accidents were clearly their fault. This is precisely why demand continues to be so high for Seattle auto accident attorneys like those at Zanes Law. Victims in these situations are entitled to compensation for their losses, injuries, and suffering.

Top Causes of Car Accidents in Seattle

Car accidents happen in and around Seattle for many reasons. Although some like to say that it takes two to cause an accident, the truth is that all too often, victims have little or no way to avoid crossing the paths of careless people. Some of the top causes of car crashes in Seattle and throughout the country include:

  • Speeding. Posted speed limits are calculated to ensure safety on various types of roads. While it is quite common for people to exceed the speed limit, doing so drastically increases the odds of them causing an accident.
  • Aggressiveness. From tailgating to illegal passing, aggressive driving is nothing new, and it results in numerous injuries and deaths every year.
  • Distraction. Since the rise of mobile devices, concerns about distracted driving have reached an all-time high. Texting while driving is a huge problem, but anything that distracts a driver from the road is a recipe for disaster.
  • Driving while impaired. Sadly, a huge percentage of traffic accidents in Seattle are preventable in that they were caused by drivers who got behind the wheel while drunk or otherwise intoxicated.
  • Failure to yield. Whether a driver proceeds through a yellow light as it turns red or blatantly runs a stop sign, failing to yield results in all kinds of fender-benders and accidents.

Types of Car Accidents

As you will learn while pursuing your claim, car crashes tend to fall into a handful of categories. While you should have your Seattle car accident attorney confer with the insurance adjuster on your behalf, it doesn’t hurt to have a basic understanding of the terminology:

  • Rear-end collision. In this case, the vehicle in the rear crashes into the vehicle in front of it. The back drivers are typically at fault because it is their responsibility to maintain a safe distance.
  • Head-on collision. As the name implies, a head-on collision is one in which the front of one vehicle collides with the front of another. This type of accident is very serious and often results in considerable damage, injury, and death.
  • Rollover. Sometimes, vehicles flip over from the impact of a collision. Depending on the safety of the vehicle and whether the driver and passengers are restrained, these accidents can vary from relatively mild to extremely serious.
  • Sideswipe. A sideswipe is when one vehicle gets too close to the side of another and “swipes” it. These collisions tend not to be as catastrophic as the others, but they can still result in serious injuries and fatalities.
  • T-bone. One of the deadliest types of car crashes, a T-bone is when one car hits another at a perpendicular angle. Depending on where a vehicle receives the impact, the outcome can be minor or significant.

Coping in the Aftermath of a Car Accident

It helps to know what to do if you are ever the victim of a car accident in the Seattle area. Needless to say, every situation is different. Generally speaking, however, keep the following advice in mind immediately following an accident:

  • Seek medical attention for yourself or others if necessary. Do so even if you are not sure that you have been injured.
  • Gather as much evidence from the scene as you can. Snap lots of detailed photos, and try to track down witnesses to help bolster your side of the story.
  • Call the police so that they will file a report on the incident. Whatever you do, don’t let the other driver talk you into handling the situation between the two of you.
  • Contact your insurance company to report the incident. Keep in mind that the adjuster who is assigned to your case is not a suitable substitute for a skilled car accident lawyer.
  • Hire a Washington car accident attorney. Find and hire a Seattle car crash lawyer at your earliest convenience. That way, your attorney can get to work on investigating what happened, and you can focus on recovering and getting your life back to normal.

Types of Compensation

Even when the other driver is clearly at fault in a car crash, it’s still up to you to prove in court that you were the victim. An attorney from Zanes Law can help you build a case to establish the other party’s negligence. If the court rules in your favor, you could be entitled to various types of compensation. Note that every case is different and that some individuals collect only one type of compensation while others collect several.

You might receive compensation for the following as the result of your personal injury claim:

  • Medical expenses. Whether you get a quick checkup at urgent care or end up in the hospital for days needing extensive physical therapy, you’re likely to end up with medical bills. By establishing that the other driver was at fault, you could be compensated for these expenses.
  • Property loss and damage. Chances are that your vehicle incurred at least some damage because of the accident. If the other driver’s carelessness caused the incident, the court might order him or her to compensate you for your repairs or replacement costs.
  • Loss of wages. If you are injured, you might have to stop working for a while. If you lose income due to an accident that was not your fault, you should be entitled to compensation for that loss.
  • Emotional distress/loss of enjoyment. This is more of a gray area, but it’s one for which personal injury victims receive compensation fairly often. Physical injuries, which are stressful and upsetting enough, might not be the only kind of trauma you experience as the result of your accident. You might also have post-traumatic stress or other types of emotional distress, and you deserve compensation for that as well.

Hire the Zanes Law Seattle Auto Accident Attorneys

With so many variables at play, attempting to handle your auto accident claim on your own is a recipe for disaster. Assuming that the law and insurance companies have your back is naive. You are most likely entitled to compensation, but no one is simply going to hand it to you. You need to fight for it. The best way to do so is by retaining the experienced Seattle car accident lawyers from Zanes Law.

The ways in which our attorneys can assist you with your case include:

  • Acting as your representative. Insurance companies love it when victims choose to represent themselves because the victims often agree to settle for far less than what they deserve. Car accident lawyers from our firm deal with adjusters, law enforcement, and other entities all the time. We will act on your behalf so that you can focus on getting better.
  • Gathering evidence. While you should do what you can to get evidence from the scene, your lawyer will take steps to gather evidence as well. Often, skilled attorneys can locate more persuasive types of evidence than clients can because the attorneys know what the courts want.
  • Estimating the value of your claim. A good auto accident lawyer in Seattle will come up with a fair and conservative estimate of the value of your claim. They will also be honest with you if you don’t really have a case.
  • Negotiating with the insurance companies. Rather than hoping for a fair settlement offer from your insurance, hiring a lawyer lets you actively negotiate with your insurance company. When claimants get attorneys to advocate for them, they usually see more favorable outcomes than when they do not.
  • Demonstrating proof of the other party’s negligence. The primary action that your legal team will take is to build a case showing the other party’s negligence. Your team will establish that you were indeed the victim and are therefore entitled to compensation.

Don’t Leave Your Situation to Chance–Contact Zanes Law Today

If you have been injured in a car accident in Seattle and believe that it was the other driver’s fault, you owe it to yourself to seek fair compensation. This is where the Seattle car accident lawyers at Zanes Law step in. In the wake of a car crash, you’re likely to be saddled with mountains of medical bills, lost income, emotional distress, and other problems. The law is on your side if the other driver is at fault, but sitting back and letting the situation play out is the worst course of action you could take. Expecting your insurance company to arrive at a fair figure is wishful thinking.

The truth is that without the assistance of an experienced our skilled Seattle auto accident attorneys, the odds are exceedingly slim that you will see the case through to a successful conclusion. Give yourself the strongest possible chance of receiving full and fair compensation for your injuries, losses, pain, and suffering. Hire the Seattle car accident lawyers at Zanes Law. We offer free consultations, so you have nothing to lose by contacting our office and speaking to a member of our team. We’re ready to help, so get in touch today.

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