If you or a family member has been critically injured because of a burn, the first law firms that you should call is Zanes Law. Our Seattle burn injury attorneys are experienced and know how to win. Because burns can have immediate physical and financial implications and can lead to long term emotional challenges, let us take the burden off of you. Your Seattle injury lawyer at Zanes Law will do all the work so that you can focus on healing.

Do You Really Need a burn injury Lawyer for Your Claim?

A Seattle burn injury lawyer will help you navigate the complex legal process necessary to recover maximum compensation for your injuries. Unfortunately, burn injuries are often tied to another person’s negligence and are some of the most painful injuries that a victim can sustain. There are a number of different areas of your body that can be affected by these catastrophic injuries including blood vessels, the skin, bone and nerves.

Burn Injuries Can Come with Long-Lasting Impacts

Many burn injuries are also associated with scarring and disfigurement that can follow a victim for many years. You are probably also facing financial consequences as a result of a serious burn injury. The extended recovery period and invasive medical treatment required makes it all the more important to retain the right Seattle burn injury lawyer immediately.

You need to have a Seattle burn injury attorney at your side who can ensure that your rights are protected for the duration. When your burn injury was caused by someone else’s negligent actions, you may be able to hold this person or entity accountable in court and recover compensation for your injuries. The best way to identify whether or not you are eligible to file such a case is to schedule a consultation with a Seattle burn injury lawyer.

Common Burn Injury Types

There are three primary types of burn injuries and all of these can have consequences of you, but also may include advanced pain and problems. These burn injuries are categorized according to the depth of the burn and the extent of tissue damage affecting the victim. The higher the classification of the degree, the more likely you are to have lifelong consequences.

First degree burns are those that only affect the surface of your skin and are relatively mild in comparison to the other two forms. Tissue damage will most often be minor with first degree burns. You may experience swelling, redness and mild to moderate pain with first degree burns. Second degree burns include damage to the underlying derma layer and the surface skin.

These injuries can be extremely painful when they occur. Common symptoms of a second degree burn include redness, swelling, infection and blistering of the skin. In many cases involving a diagnosis of a second degree burn, the victim will need to receive a skin graft in order to heal entirely. Even when medical technology and proper treatment methods are used immediately, full healing that minimizes disfigurement may not be possible. Failing to treat a second degree burn immediately with proper medical attention can lead to the burn being increased in severity. Third degree burns are the most serious. These affect all layers of the skin, including the connected tissue and underlying bone.

Nerve endings are typically destroyed by third degree burns, which means that you may not experience as much as immediate pain as is commonly connected to second degree burns, however, the recovery time for third degree burns is very extensive, and significant disfigurement that often prompts reconstructive surgery is necessary after many third degree burn cases.

Recovering Compensation Based on Your Burn Injury

Being diagnosed with a second or third degree burn can have consequences for the remainder of your life, including scars and disfigurement and the emotional injuries you must carry forward. Regardless of how your burn injury was caused, that psychological and physical scar can last for a lifetime. Whether it was a workplace injury, an electrical burn or an apartment fire, so many types of burn injuries can be caused by another person’s negligence.

With more than 1.1 million burn injuries across the country that require medical attention every single year, life threatening infections, serious emotional distress and immense pain is possible. You may also find yourself unable to work for an extended period of time. Because of this, a Seattle burn injury lawyer may need to be retained immediately.

A Seattle burn injury lawyer can help you recover compensation for your suffering, pain and lost wages. Companies and contractors who performed work that didn’t meet code, landlords and other liable individuals will always do as much as possible to minimize payouts to burn injury victims. You deserve to have someone fighting hard on your behalf to recover maximum compensation after a serious injury. A Seattle burn injury lawyer who has extensive experience working in this field and fighting hard on behalf of victims who have had to pay the price because of another’s negligence is extremely important to your future.

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