School Supply Giveaway

Besides the holidays, August is likely the Zanes Team’s most favorite time of the year!


Because it’s our annual School Supply Giveaway and we get jazzed up about it months in advance!

Each year we are more excited than the year before!

Every year teachers across Tucson have the opportunity to apply to receive school supplies from our

Giveaway that can last up to a year in their classrooms!Tucson Injury Lawyers School Supplies


Because at Zanes we truly love our teachers in our community and….

We know how hard it can be with budget cuts cutting into teachers’ own pockets for school supply without any compensation for it from their school or district…

So six years ago we decided that we were going to serve our teachers the way they continue to serve the future of our children – by giving back in the best way we thought we could!

Pencils anyone?!

In 2017 the School Supply Giveaway served 450 teachers!

Holy cow!! We are so thrilled to be saying thank you to our Tucson teachers in this way.

Application process for 2018
School Supply Giveaway and details!

  • Please fill out the entire application
  • Double check the spelling of your email! Often times, emails are submitted with “”vs“” without correct spelling, we are unable to get into contact with you and you will forfeit your invitation. No exceptions.
  • If possible, please use a non-school email. Your school’s emails are extremely protected and in the past, some of our emails have been blocked or sent to spam.
  • Add “Casey Hamm” “” and “Zanes Law” to your address book– we want to ensure you’re seeing our emails.
  • This giveaway has gained a lot of attention over the years and we are unable to accept late applications/rsvps. Spots are filled on a first come, first served basis. Once the spots are filled, teachers will be placed on the waiting list- but don’t worry! We do our best to accept as many wait-listed teachers as possible. So, keep an eye out as you might receive an invite still.
  • Submitting an application does not secure you a spot at the giveaway. There is an RSVP process.
  • Questions? Please email Casey at Please do not use the chat function on our website. Our website chat representatives do not know all of the details about the school supply giveaway.
  • Be sure to join the Facebook Group to stay updated!

School Group

  • This year’s giveaway will be held on Saturday, August 4th in the morning. You must be present the day of the giveaway and able to pick up your own supplies. Please check your calendars before applying.
  • Must be a current Tucson elementary school teacher
    • GRADE: If you’re a teacher who joined us previously and moved up a grade (to middle school or high school, you can still apply and join, however, elementary school teachers will be given first priority.)
    • LOCATION: If you’re a teacher who joined us previously and moved cities, you can absolutely apply per usual. However, Tucson applicants will be given first priority.
  • 1 application per teacher (please do not sign up your co-workers) they must submit their own application so they are aware of the process and the qualifications.
  • Because the school supplies are geared towards younger children, you must be an elementary school teacher to apply. Elementary school teachers have first priority. Middle school teachers and high school teachers will be accepted if space permits.
So… you’ve submitted your application. Now what!?
  • Invites will be sent to the email you provided 1 week after you submit your application IF you’ve secured a spot. Please read the email you receive entirely and RSVP using the provided link. If you do not RSVP using the link- your spot will not be held.
  • NEW THIS YEAR: If you’re wait-listed you will NOT receive an email. If you do not receive an email- you can automatically assume you have been placed on the wait-list! But don’t worry! About 20 spots open up throughout the summer and we will contact wait-listed teachers every Thursday leading up to the giveaway if a spot opens up!

Disclaimer: Details are subject to change, however, Zanes Law will do their best to communicate effectively with everyone involved.

2018 School Supply Giveaway

School Information. Must be a current Tucson elementary school teacher to apply.
The following questions/answers will remain private and will be used to for internal data/statistics only!

To what level does your school provide you with supply assistance for your classroom?*

To what level do you provide your own supplies for your classroom each year?*

Supply & Other
  • How did you hear about this giveaway?*

  • Did you attend the giveaway last year?

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