Reckless Drivers Spotted – What Would You Do?

by Doug Zanes | Last Updated: September 8, 2015

No one ever wishes to be in a situation where a difficult decision has to be made and made quickly…

No less on the road.

Last week, Tucson New Now reported that a Tucsonan had to do just that.

Sam Haynes spotted a car erratically and dangerously weaving in and out of rush hour traffic and caught it on tape…

As you can imagine the video has gone viral and so has the driver, Sandra Harris, who is suspected of being impaired while driving.

Haynes said he started recording the other reckless drivers actions with his phone once they got to I-275.

After calling police to get help and witnessing Harris veer into the grassy median, Haynes decided to take matters into his own hands…

The video shows Haynes scream for Harris  to stop but to no avail. it was only when Haynes pulled in front of the vehicle, that they both pulled over.

Haynes asked the hazey driver if she was okay but it seemed that she was not…

In fact, when police arrived, Harris was unconscious with her head resting on the steering wheel…

According to Tucson New Now, “When Ms. Harris came through she was showing classic behavior of recent drug use.”

This was confirmed by the driver herself, admitting that she had used heroin and meth before getting behind the wheel.

Reckless drivers such as Harris was charged with OVI and other traffic charges and will appear in court.

As for our hero?

Haynes stated he has no tolerance for reckless drivers after his sister was struck by an impaired driver in 2009 causing her to possibly be paralyzed for the rest of her life.

His video which has been shared over 11,500 times and has over 500,000 views continues to make its rounds on social media outlets across the board…

The most unfortunate and scary part about this video is all the drivers who are under the influence and NOT on camera…

What would you do if you saw a driver who you believed was impaired or under the influence?

Would you try to stop them yourself or would you simply call for help?

For those of you who have actually been in this difficult situation – what did you do and why?

We would love to hear your thoughts on a very serious topic that can and does affect us all!

Doug Zanes
Doug Zanes: Founding Attorney Raised in Douglas, Arizona, and went to college at Arizona State University and graduated from law school at St. Mary’s University School of Law in Texas. Doug began practicing law in Phoenix Arizona in 1997.
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