Wrong Way Driver Arrested On I-17, DUI Suspected

A suspected DUI driver has been arrested after they went the wrong way on the Phoenix Freeway on Sunday night.

Fox 10 in Phoenix reported on their website that dispatch for the Arizona Department of Public Safety received an alert of a wrong-way driver from the ADOT alert system at approximately 2:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

The alert indicated that a northbound driver had entered the southbound lanes of Interstate 17 from the McDowall Road offramp.

According to the statement issued by the DPS, the driver corrected his direction. DPS officers attempted to perform a traffic stop of the suspect driver, but the driver refused to pull his vehicle over.

Other DPS officers and cruisers assisted in the attempt to pull the suspect driver over. At one point, one of the DPS Sergeants tried to perform a Pursuit Intervention Technique or PIT maneuver. Even after performing the PIT maneuver, the driver refused to pull his vehicle over until another DPS cruiser rammed into the suspect’s car and pinned him against a concrete retaining wall.

Once the vehicle was pulled over, DPS officers noticed a strong scent of alcohol and other signs of impairment. He was arrested and taken into custody on charges of aggravated DUI and criminal damage.

So far, his identity has not been released by authorities.

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