Women Crashes Car After Diabetic Shock, Police Try Arresting Her For DUI

Millions of people around the country suffer from low blood sugar or hypoglycemia that can cause diabetic shock. This medical condition happens when a person’s blood sugar levels get too low. Diabetic hypoglycemia can be managed through either medication or diet, but usually having a snack such as a chocolate bar or a sugary drink can help. Both the body and the brain can be affected by this kind of shock and can cause dizziness, confusion, weakness, or loss of consciousness.

KPNX News in Phoenix reported recently about a Phoenix mother who suffered a bout of diabetic shock and drove her vehicle into a flower shop on Monday, April 22d.

Nicole Brayden had taken her children aged 5 and 8 years old out to get something to eat. Instead of going to the restaurant with her children she fell asleep. When they returned to the car, Brayden still hadn’t managed to eat. As she was driving home, Brayden blacked out, crashing her vehicle into a florist’s shop located 38th Street and Baseline Road.

Brayden regained consciousness only to find herself handcuffed, in the back of a police car, and surrounded by police officers. Brayden said that police thought she was driving under the influence of drugs and that she hit other vehicles in the crash.

“My daughter told me she kept telling them, ‘My mom’s diabetic,’” Brayden told reporters. Eventually, Brayden was checked out by a paramedic on the scene who determined that her blood sugar level was at 38 mg/dL – less than half what is considered normal blood sugar levels of 70 – 80 mg/dL in the body just before a meal.

No charges have been filed by police against Brayden. The florist said that insurance will cover damages to the shop.

Brayden believes that she suffered possible mistreatment by Phoenix police officers, and she is planning to hire an attorney.


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