Rig Shortage After Fire Engine Crash

Police cruisers, ambulances, and fire trucks share the road with other vehicles every day. Most motorists know and follow the rules when the sirens or see the lights of these emergency vehicles. Sometimes, however, our dedicated public servants can find themselves in an accident and through no fault of their own.

That seems to be what happened in Phoenix on Saturday, June 1st when firefighters were out on a call. The AZ Family website reports that a fire rig was totaled after a suspected drunk driver rear-ended the fire truck that was parked on 67th Avenue and Interstate 10.

The fire rig was totaled in the crash when it was struck with a force of impact so great that it bent the frame of the vehicle and came dangerously close to rupturing its fuel tank.

The fire truck had been in service with the Phoenix Fire Department since 2003.

The driver who rear-ended the fire truck was not seriously hurt in the crash; however, he is currently facing charges of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Down one fire rig, Phoenix firefighters are facing the challenge of meeting the needs of the community during the busy summer fire season. Captain Rob McDade, with Phoenix Fire, said that means sure that all hands are on deck when it comes to servicing and maintaining the remaining fire rigs.

“We’re gonna have mechanics working on transmissions, shocks, air conditioners at three in the morning, 24-hour shifts of mechanics. It’s the only way we can get it done,” McDade said.

McDade is confident that with the extra effort, Phoenix firefighters will be able to take care of the city’s fire and rescue emergencies until the department can replace the fire truck that was totaled in the crash.

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