Puppy Reunited With Owners After I-40 Crash

Humans aren’t the only ones that can become hurt or confused after an accident. NBC 12 News reports that a puppy that was riding in a vehicle involved in a severe crash on Interstate 40 near Flagstaff will soon be reunited with her family.

Bella was riding with her owner, a young man and his stepmom when the two got into a severe crash on May 14th. The young man was airlifted to Phoenix and then later to California for treatment of serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

During the crash, Bella got separated from her people. The stepmom, Beth, checked area shelters to see if anyone might have found Bella. It was almost two weeks later when Cheryl Naumann with Arizona’s Humane Animal Rescue and Trapping Team (HARTT)  heard about Bella. Naumann was concerned that the dog could have been hurt during the crash and severely injured.

Both Bella and Naumann interviewed the tow truck driver who pointed them to the exact location to where the crash occurred. Searching an embankment area covered in brush, Naumann heard a bark. It came from Bella, who had her leash wrapped around a clump of brush. Naumann freed the puppy and rushed her to a nearby veterinarian.

Bella was severely dehydrated, emaciated, and anemic. The puppy required a blood transfusion if she was going to make it.

The puppy is still currently at the Flagstaff veterinary clinic, but her chances of survival are very good. Naumann posted to HARTT’s Facebook page, recounting Bella’s inspiring story of survival.

In a recent update on Tuesday, May 28th, Naumann said that Bella is still at the clinic, but it is expected that once she is healed, the puppy will be reunited with her family once again.

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