Multiple Commercial Trucks Collide On US 60

A multi-vehicle can happen at any time, no matter what the road or weather conditions are. Such crashes can in a chain reaction accident and there are almost always multiple injuries as a result. When a crash involves several vehicles it can sometimes make it difficult to determine fault and liability. Such information is crucial when finding out who is responsible and who pays. These are important details to know, not only for insurance companies but more importantly, for those who are hurt or survive such accidents.

According to a news story that was reported on both AZ Central and on the morning of Monday, February 25th at 35th and Grande Avenue (US 60) a multi-vehicle crash involving two semi-tractor trailer rigs, a dump truck and several passenger vehicles.

A spokesperson with the Phoenix Police Department said in a statement that at least seven people were injured in the crash. One man was transported to an area hospital trauma center where he was listed in stable condition. Three additional people were also taken to area hospitals to be checked out while three others were treated at the scene of the accident.

So far, authorities have not stated the reason for the crash or if any charges are pending. The accident is still currently under investigation.


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