Man Accused Of Hit And Run After Injuring 3 Small Children

A hit and run is a serious crime nationwide. It can be hard to fight instincts of fight or flight in the face of danger, but after injuring someone it’s important to stay calm and try and to help. Fleeing the scene only leads to harsher sentencing and penalties.

KTAR News recently reported on a mother that was attempting to cross with her three children in Phoenix when their vehicle was struck by the driver of a Volkswagen Passat last month.

Authorities say that on Friday, April 5th at approximately 8:00 p.m. the mother and children were attempting to cross the street. They were stopped in a two-way left turn lane in the area of 70th Avenue and Indian School Road when they were struck by the Volkswagen.

The vehicle dragged a stroller that a two-year-old girl was in approximately 1,000 feet. Witnesses were able to get the driver’s attention to let him know someone was under his vehicle. Once witnesses were able to free the child and stroller, the driver got back into his vehicle and fled the scene.

The mother and her children were taken to an area hospital for treatment. All are listed in serious condition. The three-year-old boy was the most injured in the incident.


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