Brothers Die Minutes Apart In ATV Crashes

Accidents that end in tragedy can strike anyone at any time. Having to face the untimely death of a loved one is bad enough. Having to face two deaths at the same time, as one North Dakota family has had to do, can be unimaginably devastating.

According to a recent story filed by ABC 15 in Phoenix, two brothers were in a rural area in North Dakota and were on their way to a farm in North Dakota on two separate ATV vehicles when the accident happened.

The first man to set out for the farm and rolled his ATV into a, particularly muddy area before reaching his destination. North Dakota authorities say that Kyle Foster, 42, of Tucson, Arizona died at the scene of the crash.

Kyle’s brother, Jeremie Foster, 47, reached the farm but noticed that his brother had not yet arrived. Retracing the route that he believed his younger brother had taken, rolled his own ATV into a ditch. Emergency crews arrived on the scene to rush Jeremie to an area hospital to be treated for life-threatening injuries but died before reaching the medical center.

North Dakota authorities determined that the two brothers died within 10 minutes of each other. Neither Jeremie nor Kyle had been wearing a helmet at the time in either accident. Investigators say that alcohol played a role in both fatal crashes.

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