A Young Man Was Injured In A Construction Site Accident. Details Have Not Been Released Yet.

While workplace accidents are far less common than they were in days prior to the industrial revolution, they can still happen.  Even when an employer and all of their workers take every precaution that is expected of them by federal programs like the Occupational Safety Health Administration, accidents can happen at any time.

According to a story appearing on the website of the ABC affiliate in Phoenix, dangerous and fatal accident happened at a construction site on the morning of Tuesday, March 17th.  The Phoenix Police Department said in a statement that a young worker, a 27-year-old man, has died as a result of injuries he suffered in the accident.

The man was transported to an area hospital for treatment in attempt to save his life. Sadly, he was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival.

His identity has not been released at this time, pending notification of family members.

According to initial reports, construction workers were on the site of a new dormitory for Arizona State University downtown located near the intersection of 1st Avenue and Van Buren Street. Officials say that the fatal accident happened at approximately 11:42 a.m., but the details pertaining to the nature of the accident is currently unknown. Authorities have not yet released what happened.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Maggie Cox told reporters that federal OSHA investigators and investigators for the Phoenix Police Department are working together to find out the cause of the workplace accident before releasing any information about the incident.


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