A Man With An Outstanding Warrant Fled The Scene Of An Accident, Leaving His Young, Injured Son Behind.

A man who is awaiting a pre-trial hearing later this month is now facing an additional felony charge after fleeing the scene of an accident on Tuesday.

According to the story reported on the AZ Family website,  54-year-old Frank Loomis of Phoenix was driving his vehicle when he ran a red light at the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Union Hills Drive, causing a collision with another vehicle.

Loomis reportedly got out of his vehicle and fled the scene on foot. With Loomis at the time was his adult son, who was reportedly injured in the crash.  Loomis’ son was taken to an area hospital via ambulance for treatment of his injuries.

Police officers found Loomis behind a restaurant in the same area as the crash.  Official documents indicate that Loomis fled the scene to avoid an outstanding warrant for criminal trespass.

During his arrest following the accident, Loomis revealed to the police that he was wearing an ankle monitor. Loomis was awaiting trial for the charge of aggravated assault. He was scheduled to appear in court for a pre-trial hearing for that charge on Friday, March 13th.

Court documents also indicate that Loomis did not possess a valid driver’s license at the time of the accident. After refusing treatment for injuries he suffered in the crash, Loomis was booked into the Maricopa County 4th Avenue Jail on the felony charge of failing to stay at an accident scene involving injury.

Loomis is due to appear in court  on Monday, March 16th.

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