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Arizona Neck and Back Injury Lawyers

The Zanes Law neck and back injury lawyers have extensive experience helping injured clients. In fact, the vast majority of our clients have some sort of neck and back injury. These injuries are so common that the Arizona Department of Health and Safety publishes a number of reports on topics related to neck and back injuries in Arizona. Neck and back injuries are common among car accident victims. Our Phoenix, AZ spine injury attorneys represent a great number of clients with spinal injuries. The most recent Arizona neck and back injury statistics were published in 2012.

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For every 100,000 full-time employees, 2,290 suffered musculoskeletal back injuries in Arizona. These back injuries can develop over time – due to poor seating and layout of workspace. They can also be caused by construction accidents where a heavy, substantial object falls or breaks loose and hits a worker. Improving workplace safety is a key factor in reducing neck and back injuries.

Neck injuries in Arizona are most commonly associated with car and truck accidents. Whiplash can compound injuries from even the most minor of accidents. Neck injuries sustained during car accidents can also be compounded by head injuries (i.e. traumatic brain injuries). It’s important to seek qualified medical attention after an accident causing a neck or back injury.

The spine is responsible for passing neurological impulses from your brain to the rest of your body. A spinal injury can lead to full or partial paralysis. Both Phoenix and Tucson boast excellent medical centers that specialize in treating spinal injuries. Our spine injury attorneys know is good news for our Tucson and Phoenix clients that are hurt in an accident.

Neck and Back Injury Lawyers Who Win

If your family is facing the prospect of helping a loved one recover from a neck or back injury, it’s important to understand how important comprehensive medical care is to achieving the best possible recovery. A minor neck or back injury, if left untreated, can easily be compounded with time. The end result could be loss of mobility, up to and including total paralysis.

Minor back injuries, like strains or muscle spasms, can be treated with bed rest. Most injured parties require additional guidance on best practices to avoid aggravating the injury. But the good news is most employees can eventually return to work and resume their lifestyle.

Major back and neck injuries, such as slipped discs or severe whiplash, will require extensive medical examination and ongoing treatment. Unfortunately, many accident victims choose to accept an offer from insurance companies, employers or negligent individuals responsible for their accident in return for fast cash. The high-pressure tactics that insurance companies use, when combined with mounting medical bills can be enough to get a neck or back injury victim to sign on the dotted line.

Sadly, our spine injury attorneys know these agreements rarely pay out anything close to the full amount that a victim may be entitled to under Arizona personal injury law. Insurance companies want to deliver a profit to their shareholders – they do not hold your family’s best interests at heart. The faster they can close your case, and the lower the total amount they can pay out, the happier they are.

Personal injury victims that accept the initial payout are usually left struggling to pay for ongoing care after their cash payout dries up. So if you have been injured in either a Tucson or Phoenix accident, call immediately and speak with Zanes Law’s neck and back injury lawyers.

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After you’ve been seen by the physician and given immediate care, your next call should be to  Zanes Law . Our neck and back injury lawyers in Phoenix and Tucson have more than a decade of experience helping accident victims in Arizona. We’ve recovered more than $140 million on behalf of our clients. These funds allow victims to live their life to the fullest, and give their family financial security in the wake of a crisis.

Neck and back injury victims do not need to pay an up-front fee when meeting with a personal injury attorney from Zanes Law. In fact, our clients never receive a bill until we’ve been successful in recovering the financial compensation they may be entitled to under Arizona personal injury law. If we are unsuccessful – not very often – your family will never receive a bill for our work.

Our clients tell us that the best part about working with Zanes Law is that the high-pressure phone calls from the insurance company and the other side’s lawyers immediately cease. We will negotiate with the other party’s representatives on your behalf. We’ll gather all of the evidence required to prove who was at fault for your accident. And, if necessary, we’ll take your personal injury claim to court.

Our spine injury attorneys in Arizona are dedicated to helping families like yours get started on a new chapter in life with the resources you need to live comfortably.

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