On a hot Arizona afternoon, there are few things more refreshing than jumping into a swimming pool. Unfortunately, people also get significant injuries and have fatal accidents at pools. If you got hurt or a loved one died because of a swimming pool accident, Zanes Law will help you go after compensation for your losses.

Who You Can Sue for a Swimming Pool Accident

A Mesa swimming pool accident lawyer can help you sue the party whose carelessness caused the harm. Some of the individuals and companies who can get sued for money damages because of negligence include the:

  • Owner of the pool. The owner is not automatically liable, but if the owner was careless and you got hurt as a result, you can sue the owner. For example, a hotel had a local contractor renovate the pool area, including the surface around the pool. The new surface was dangerously slick when wet. If someone slips and falls, the injured person can sue the hotel.
  • Third parties. If someone other than the owner caused the injury through negligence, you might be able to file a lawsuit against that entity. In the example above, the contractor who installed the slippery surface can be a defendant.
  • Pool manufacturer. If there was a defect in the design or manufacture of the pool and that flaw caused or contributed to the injury, you might be able to sue the maker of the pool.
  • Installation firm. Sometimes people cut corners when installing swimming pools. If such careless caused you to get hurt, the installation company can be liable.
  • Sanitation and maintenance company. Even water that looks sparkling clean can contain dangerous substances that can cause lethal diseases. If you got sick because the party whose job it was to keep the pool water safe, clean, and uncontaminated made a mistake, you can go after that company for your losses.
  • Fellow swimmer. Being at the pool can bring out the child in anyone. When the play activities result in someone getting hurt, a person can sometimes be financially responsible for the harm he causes. For example, several young adult hotel guests became intoxicated and engaged in horseplay, injuring an innocent bystander. The careless people can get sued for the injuries they cause.
  • People with illnesses. When someone swims in a public or semi-public pool when sick, other people can contract the illness from the contaminated water. According to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, bacteria and viruses can threaten the health of other swimmers. Severe diseases like Hepatitis A and the norovirus can get transmitted from an infected person to others in swimming pool water. You can sue the person who swam while sick.

Depending on the facts of your case, it might be possible for a Mesa swimming pool accident lawyer to file a lawsuit against other parties if their negligent conduct caused you to get hurt.

Categories of Swimming Pool Injuries

There is almost no limit to the ways that a person can get hurt in and around a swimming pool. When you combine water, slippery surfaces, and a relaxed atmosphere, people can get injured. Some of the more common types of swimming pool injuries include:

  • Tragically, many children every year lose their lives to drowning. Adults can also drown. Sometimes drownings happen when no one supervises the swimmers. In the alternative, the designated supervisor might be distracted by socializing, sleeping, visiting with others at the pool, reading, or attending to another swimmer. A person can drown in deep or shallow water.
  • Near-drowning can cause devastating brain damage from the lack of oxygen to the brain. Brain tissue starts to die within a few minutes of a person going underwater. A near-drowning victim might survive the initial crisis and get rescued from death by drowning but spend the rest of his life in a persistent vegetative state or have to live in a long-term care facility.
  • Neck and spinal injuries. It is shockingly easy to damage your spinal cord from jumping or diving into a pool and hitting the side or bottom of the pool. Also, falling when outside of or on the edge of the pool can injure the spinal cord. If the victim loses consciousness or has immediate paralysis from the injuries, he can drown.
  • A person can sustain a head injury from the same events that can cause a neck or spinal injury if he hits his head instead of the spine. The confusion or loss of consciousness from a head injury can cause the person to drown.
  • Drain injuries are becoming less common in newer pools because the pool manufacturers changed the design of drains after many high-dollar lawsuits. In an older pool, the strong suction of a pool drain can trap a swimmer underwater, leading to drowning and other injuries.
  • Electrical injuries can happen when an electrical device comes into contact with water. A fault in an underwater light can electrocute a person in the pool. Objects outside of the pool can lead to electrical injuries when a person comes out of the pool and touches an electrical device while the person is still wet. Splashing around the pool can get water into places that should not have contact with water.
  • Waterborne diseases can spread because a person who is sick goes swimming or because the owner did not keep the pool maintained correctly. These illnesses can happen in public or semi-public pools because of the high number of swimmers. Private pools are not immune to waterborne illnesses. If the pool owner is not diligent about maintaining clean, safe water, swimmers can contract diseases.

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