Meetings Shmeetings!?

What comes to mind when you think of meetings? Fun? Boring? Productive? Waste of time?

Meetings get a bad rap because often times, the participants arrive unprepared and leave without action items.

At Zanes Law, we host 4 large quarterly meetings a year to introduce new hires, and to discuss open positions, community initiatives, problems, solutions, and other opportunities.

The meetings are quite fun and certainly not a “meeting shmeeting” type off vibe.

Music is played to pump everyone up as the team arrives extra early to grab a cozy spot in the huddle area.

Today, we held our quarterly meeting and noticed that it was significantly shorter than meetings in the past.  At first, this worried us. We thought, what’s going on and why was the meeting so short?

We finally agreed that shorter meetings are in fact a good thing.

It meant that the meeting was productive, people were prepared and concerns were addressed quickly with solutions.

Another successful quarterly meeting under our belt!


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