Applications for Zanes Law Secondary Academic Scholarship must meet and agree to the following terms and conditions.

All applicants must be currently attending or accepted to attend an accredited college or university for the Fall 2020 semesters. Graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply.

A complete application must be submitted via the form on the scholarship page on or before December 15th, 2020. Applications submitted after the December 15, 2020 deadline will not be accepted, nor will they be considered as an application for a subsequent year.

Essays must be written by the applicant and not plagiarized in any form.

This is an Equal Opportunity University Scholarship

The scholarship committee will consider all applications equally, without consideration for the applicant’s race, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, or other protected categories.

Zanes Law Scholarship Committee

A scholarship committee will be responsible for selecting the Zanes Law scholarship winner. All applications received by the cutoff date will be considered equally by a scholarship committee.

The Zanes Law scholarship committee reserves the right to request additional supporting documents or information as it deems necessary. Failure to provide the requested documentation may impact the applicant’s eligibility.

The committee’s decision is final. No appeals will be considered.

Zanes Law Scholarship Application Privacy Statement

Any information submitted through the scholarship application form will not be used for any other purpose other than scholarship consideration. Contact and identifying information will never be sold, shared, or used for marketing or other purposes.

Winner Notification & Announcement

The winner of the 2020 scholarship will be notified via the information provided in the application form. Zanes Law reserves the right to post the winner’s name and essay, either in whole or in part, on Zanes Law’s social media channels, website, or via an online press release.

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