Motorcycle accidents are common occurrences in Glendale, and these events can be physically and psychologically traumatizing for all parties involved. In the immediate aftermath of a motorbike crash, an injured person may feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed. Fortunately, there are several measures that you can take to protect your wellbeing and your legal rights if you find yourself in this situation. One of our compassionate attorneys at Zanes Law could help you decide what to do after your Glendale motorcycle accident and allow you to begin the process of filing a successful claim for damages.

First Steps to Take After a Crash

The damage that a person can sustain in a motorcycle accident are often severe, so it is imperative for a motorcyclist involved in a crash to assess their physical injuries, if any. If they are able, they should call first responders to the scene. Even if a person seems to have only suffered minor injuries, it may be wise to undergo an examination at the local hospital to determine if there is any internal damage that is not immediately apparent at the site of the crash.

In the initial aftermath of the collision, it is also important for an injured person to document the accident scene to the best of their ability without risking further injury and gather as much evidence as possible. Evidence in these cases can take the form of photos and videos of the vehicles involved in the crash and the collision site, the contact information of all parties involved, and the names of any people who happened to witness the accident. These details could be beneficial later on and could strengthen an injured person’s claim in court.

Once an injured person has gotten the medical treatment that they need to start the healing process, they should schedule an initial consultation with a Glendale motorcycle accident party to provide their lawyer with all of the available evidence including hospital records that describe the extent of their injuries. Doing so could ensure that the attorney has a clear picture of the events that led to the motorcycle accident and everything that happened after the crash. Once they are briefed on the particular circumstances of the accident, the lawyer can start investigating the at-fault party’s negligence and begin to build a compelling claim for damages.

Issues with Insurance Companies

Arizona has mandatory minimum insurance coverage that all drivers are supposed to carry. A driver should be insured for a minimum of $25,000.00 per individual who was in an accident, or $50,000 total. After experiencing a motorcycle accident, a Glendale resident should contact their insurance company as soon as they feel ready, and a Zanes Law attorney could help them do so. A skilled lawyer who has handled many similar cases could offer the injured party valuable peace of mind by negotiating with the insurance companies to determine the available amount of financial compensation. In these kinds of injury cases, the sooner that an attorney can start filing a claim, the better.

Lack of Insurance

Serious problems can arise in motorcycle accident cases if the injured party does not have proper insurance coverage. If an injured person is in this situation, a Glendale attorney could do everything within their power to help them still achieve some form of compensation for their suffering. With a legal professional’s help, a plaintiff could find some sort of coverage by looking for other insurance policies that would apply. An attorney could also examine factors such as road design issues, street signage issues, and difficulties with traffic signals to determine if the city or the state could be liable for the accident in some way. It can be difficult to achieve compensation without insurance, but seasoned legal counsel could be an injured person’s advocate.

Get in Touch with a Glendale Attorney to Learn What to Do After Your Motorcycle Accident

Though motorcycle accidents are often incredibly overwhelming and painful experiences, it is important for an injured person to take specific measures after their crash to ensure that they are eligible to recover compensation. A skilled Glendale attorney could address any of your questions or concerns regarding what to do after your motorcycle accident and help you navigate the process of filing a claim. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options.

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