Who Can File Wrongful Death Claims in Arizona?


So how does a wrongful death case work in Arizona?

The reason I say in Arizona is because most states actually have a wrongful death statute an Arizona has a wrongful death statute. The wrongful death statute actually specifically states who can legally bring a wrongful death case on behalf of somebody who has died. That’s important because that varies from state to state.

When we talk about how the damages work in an wrongful death case, it really is different than a normal accident case because damages completely revolve around the loss of this loved one. What’s the economic component to that? What is the loss of love and affection that now exists because that person has passed away?

So wrongful death cases are actually much different than a normal car accident case or a normal premises liability case that doesn’t involve a death. So if you believe you have a wrongful death case, if somebody you know and love has passed away because of the negligence of somebody else, call us, we’ll take care of you at Zanes Law. We’ve handled lots and lots of wrongful death cases, unfortunately, and we know exactly what needs to be done.

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