What Zanes Law Does to Win a Personal Injury Trial


So what do we do here at Zanes Law to make sure that we’re successful on cases that we litigate and have to go to trial on?

The first thing we do, and quite honestly we do it early on in a case, is we look at a case and figure out which experts we need to prove our case and then we hire those experts. Our goal is to hire the best possible experts who are out there. That’s important because experts are expensive and I think there are lots of firms that cut that corner.

When we try a case it’s generally tried by two attorneys as opposed to one because a lot of work goes into trials. That’s the nature of the beast and so we use two attorneys instead of one. We’re a big firm so we’re able to finance trial cases. We have the money to hire the experts that we need and pay the doctors and experts that need to come and testify.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, call us and we’ll make sure your case is handled correctly.

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