Personal Injury Myths and Misconceptions


So what are the myths or misconceptions of a personal injury case?

I can tell you the biggest misconception is this case is gonna make me rich. In fact there’s a documentary on Netflix regarding the McDonald’s hot coffee case that lots of you have heard of and it’s worth watching because it really makes it clear that even in that case it really didn’t make anybody rich. Your case is about your facts. Your case is about your injuries. But quite honestly there’s nothing any lawyer will ever be able to do that will make you happy that you were injured in an accident. What we can do is we can make sure that you are fairly compensated and that the at-fault party does pay what they should pay and as much as we can possibly make them pay.

So give us a call at Zanes Law if you’ve been injured in an accident and we’ll make sure that you’re represented well.

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