Contingency Fees


So how do contingency fees work? What is a contingency fee?

A contingency fee means us as a law firm being owed a fee for representing you on your accident case being 100% dependent on actually successfully winning your case and getting you money. That’s what contingency fee means and generally our contingency fee is a percentage of the money that we get for you. Every law firm works differently.

What we do is at the end of every case we look at what our fee is in comparison to how much money our client is walking away with in pocket. If we need to make reductions to our fee based off of the work we did or based off of fairness when we look at the money and how much money our client is getting versus our fee, we look at that at the end of every case and make any adjustments that we need to make. If we need to reduce our fee, we do that. That’s how our law firm works and it certainly is something you want to talk to a lawyer about if you’re interviewing lawyers. But if you’ve been injured in an accident, come and see us at Zanes Law. One, we’ll make sure that you’re represented the way that you’re supposed to be represented and two that at the end of your case that our fee will be fair.

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