Can the Insurance Adjuster Limit the Medical Care That I Receive?


So can the adjuster limit the medical care that I receive?

The answer is no, however the insurance adjuster will try. Their goal is to have you receive the least amount of medical care as possible. Their goal is to, quite honestly, not see doctors as quickly because that creates problems in your case. So they will try. But the way an injury case works, when it wasn’t your fault, and you were injured, you’re entitled to get the medical care that you need. And as much of it as you need as long as your injury was caused by the accident and your medical care is directly related to that injury. You’re entitled to it. But there are lots of arguments that can be made around that.

How that medical care happens, what doctors you see, when you see them, treatment gaps, things we’ve talked about in other videos are very, very important. So if you’ve been injured in an accident, know two things. One, you can get all the medical care you need to get better as long as it’s reasonable and it’s directly relatable to your injury. Two, the insurance company is going to try to prevent you from getting that. You outta call is to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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