Big Law Firms vs Small Law Firms


So is there a difference between hiring a big firm to represent your injury case versus a small firm or lets say a solo practitioner?

It’s an interesting question because what I’ve seen over the years is, solo practitioners say you outta hire them because they can give you more personal service and big firms say you outta hire them for numerous reasons. The reality of it is that you outta hire who you are most comfortable with and who you have the most faith in. I can tell you, in my experience, I think there are huge advantages to bigger firms. We’re a bigger firm. As a big firm we’re able to easily finance cases, pay experts, we have numerous lawyers so we have a lot of experience, we handle thousands of cases every year where a lot of small firms will maybe handle fifteen or twenty cases a year.

So with handling thousands of cases comes a huge amount of experience. So the answer to the question is, there are huge differences, I think, between small firms and big firms and how they represent you and what they’re able to do for you. Ultimately you’ll have to decide what’s best for you.

If you’ve been injured in an accident and you want to know what your rights are and what our firm can do for you, call me. We’ll sit down, our consultation is free, and we’ll answer those questions for you.

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