Are Premises Liability Cases Easy Compared to Other Injury Claims?


So are premises liability cases straight forward and easy?

The answer is, quite honestly, no. I think there’s a misconception with premises liability cases because people feel like if I slipped and fell, lets say in a store, the store is automatically responsible for my injuries. It was their fault, I was in their store, I fell down, and they have to compensate me.

Quite honestly premises liability cases are much more difficult than that. There are a lot of built in defenses that store owners have when it comes to people who have fallen in their store that we have to work around. They are probably some of the most difficult cases we work on and in truth they are some of the biggest cases we work on because unfortunately lots of people get hurt very badly when they fall. If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall or some sort of premises liability event, call us and we’ll sit down and get all the facts from you, tell you what all the options that you have are and we will be happy to take that case and represent you and handle the case correctly for you.

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