Zanes Law to Prepare Food Boxes for the ICM Food and Clothing Bank

Zanes Law to Prepare Food Boxes for the ICM Food and Clothing Bank If you have suffered an injury in a Phoenix or Tucson accident, you want an attorney who is focused on your cause, the community and helping families in need.

This March  Zanes Law has a full calendar of charity and community events and one of them is to help the ICM Food and Clothing bank prepare food boxes for local families in need family.

ICM’s core foundation is their volunteers!  In fact, Several hundred volunteers spend time at ICM, providing the following services:

  • At the “front counter” where clients apply for help
  • Interviewing clients one-on-one to determine their specific needs
  • Working the “client boutique” where clients choose clothing for the family
  • Working in the “pantry” where food boxes are made up
  • Supervising children in “Love Corner” while parents meet with interviewers
  • Sorting and hanging clothing in the sorting room
  • Preparing toiletries for needy families

In 2014, Volunteers gave 23,924 hours to ICM, the equivalent of 9 full-time, average wage employees – this would cost ICM $215,316 per year!

That kind of generosity allows ICM to keep 94.5% of their $3.5 million budget going to their clients and building expenses.

The jobs mentioned above are performed from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. every weekday and about 125 of our volunteers come in every week on the same day, and some others once a month.

Some volunteers come in groups from congregations around the Valley and enjoy a combined social and service time together. Others are like Zanes Law, local corporations and companies ready and willing to lend a hand to provide a better community and life for those less fortunate.

If you would like to volunteer and join Zanes Law on March 24th,  click here for an online volunteer interest form!

Hope to see you there!

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