Zanes Law and the Love of Reading Week!

Zanes Law and the Love of Reading Week! If you are injured in a cycling accident, you want an attorney who cares about you and the community.

Zanes Law and the Love of Reading Week!

This week, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve accepted an invitation from one of our wonderful teacher-friends, Lindsey, who has invited Zanes Law to read to her students at Open Doors Community School for the “Love of Reading Week.”

By bringing outside guests in to read to classrooms of all grades, the “Love of Reading Week” is designed to underscore the importance of reading and the intrinsic value it plays in advancing our minds and education.
These days, events like the “Love of Reading Week” have become even more important as our lives, and most certainly the lives of our children have become inundated with technologies that can diminish and detract from the importance of a reading-focused education

Here, at Zanes Law, we remain committed to activities designed to serve the needs of our community and look forward to working with Lindsey and the students of Open Doors Community.


Now some history on our dear teacher-friend, Lindsey.

Lindsey has been a participant in our annual Zanes Law School Supply giveaway where we have collected and distributed school supplies to teachers around Tucson, Arizona for the past three years.
When we first met Lindsey at our giveaway—dressed in her school colors—her excitement was truly contagious. It was a no brainer to accept when Lindsey subsequently invited us to read to her students for the “Love of Reading Week.”

It was simply a pleasure visiting Lindsey’s clean, organized classroom full of polite students eager to read! So much so, that we’re excitedly making our way back to Lindsey’s classroom to share in another round for this year’s “Love of Reading Week.”

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