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Neglecting to Use Turn Signals Properly Contributes to Phoenix Car Accidents

Phoenix Car Accidents—Input From a Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer Neglecting to Use Turn Signals Properly Contributes to Hundreds of Phoenix Car Accidents. It seems like such an easy thing for a driver to do: Hit the signal before executing a...
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Reasons to Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

The idea of hiring a personal injury lawyer can be intimidating. You may be concerned about the financial implications when you’re already dealing with so much, you may be hesitant to divulge private health information, or you may just not...
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Social Media and the Impact it Can Have on Your Personal Injury Claim

Social media has become more and more prevalent in most of our lives, but even more so now that we are largely unable to be together in person. Social media plays a big role in staying connected; studies have shown...
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Filing an Injury Claim for Whiplash After an Accident

Car, truck, and other vehicular accidents are the most common causes of whiplash due to the sudden back-and-forth flexion of your neck that occurs on impact. However, whiplash can occur after a fall or any other accident that causes your...
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Heatwaves and Motor Vehicle Accidents: Extremely Hot Weather is Associated with an Increased Risk of a Car Crash

Car Crash Risks & HeatwavesExtremely Hot Weather is Associated with an Increased Risk of a Car Crash As temperatures rise in Phoenix, your risk of a car crash may increase as well.  That is what Spanish researchers found. In a...
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Avoiding Phoenix Car Accidents By Turning Your Cell Phone Off

A Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer's Input on Avoiding Car Accidents and Hands-free Cell Phone Usage Everyday in Phoenix there are hundreds of car accidents.  So let's focus on avoiding car accidents in the cell phone age.  Most of us accept...
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The Tragedy of Backup Automobile Accidents

A Tucson Car Accident Attorney's Take on the Tragedy of Backup Automobile Accidents The tragedy of backup automobile accidents is real and significant. Working as a car accident lawyer in Tucson and Phoenix I have seen this firsthand. Any auto...
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Tucson Car Accident Attorney’s Six Tips For The Busiest Travel Days Of the Year

Tucson Car Accident Attorney's Six Tips For Safe Holiday Driving The AAA reports that traffic increased by 54 percent during Thanksgiving week in 2016, making these days some of the busiest travel days of the year. If you decide to...
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Social Host Liability When You Have a Party

Social Host Liability: Your Legal Responsibilities To Guests At Your Home You cleaned the bathrooms and stocked the fridge for your guests. What else should you do in order to provide a safe environment and avoid social host liability? Have...
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Why Do College Students Get Hurt?

The Most Common Injuries on College Campuses College is a thrilling experience, but can be dangerous. Although it’s a time for young men and women to explore new intellectual terrain, discover latent passions, meet lifelong friends and experiment in a...
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