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  • Proposed Auto Insurance Hikes Could Help Injured Drivers

    As a Tucson lawmaker proposes raising liability coverage required for motorists, personal injury attorneys at Zanes Law remind drivers to explore all of their options after an accident.

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    Infographic: Why go to law school?

    When you think ‘lawyer’, there are probably a number of images and adjectives that cross your mind, some less pleasant than others.

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    Infographic: Law Salaries on the Rise

    In Arizona Law salaries have seen an eleven percent median increase since 2009. This graphic illustrates survey data carried out in Arizona and showcases increases while illuminating dollar amounts attributed to the percentages. This means the average salary for Arizona lawyers is around one hundred thousand dollars a year.

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    Infographic: Top Law Schools of 2013

    When it comes to the top law schools in America, it’s not hard to see that the Ivy Leagues hold many of the top spots.

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    Infographic: Car Crash Fatalities Statistics

    The following information is a breakdown of Arizona driver fatality rates 2012. The graphic itself breaks down the information by quarter, year, and then a percentage change from the previous quarter. The information conveys the collected data of car crash fatalities statistically to help better understand the data.

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