Hot Weather Heating Up Cars

We don’t have to tell you it’s hot, Arizonans…

We feel it.


Yes, drink lots of water… Gallons even..

Wear your sunscreen…SPF 90… okay there is no such thing but lather up on the highest dose!

And oh yeah…

Don’t leave your children or pets in a parked car….


Sounds obvious right?

Well according to weather sources, a car interior can reach 109 degrees just after sitting for 10 minutes on a sunny 90 degree day. Add 10 more minutes to your car’s sitting time, and you add ten more degrees…

In the desert heat, where we are often in temperatures over 100 degrees, car interiors can reach up to a staggering 200 degrees in the sun…

Okay you get the picture…but it’s only 10 minutes in the car while you make a quick run for milk and veggies…

Sparky can stay in the car… You’ll crack the windows…

And your kids? Moms and dads we get it – it is NOT fun or easy to go shopping with the kiddos even if it’s for a few minutes…

We say brave the little extra whining and bring them with you!

Leaving your kids in the car in the extreme heat that we are experience can seem like a very “well duh – who would do such a thing?!” kind of conversation…

But this continues to happen across our desert state resulting in the tragic deaths of children and pets.

We urge anyone who sees a pet or a child in an enclosed and parked vehicle in high heat weather, to call 911 immediately.

For more information on how to stay cool and healthy during these hot summer days, check out our post on some Top Tips!

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