Freeze Watch Arizona

Freeze Watch Arizona

If you’ve been feeling extra chilly these days, it isn’t because you’re a desert rat trying to escape what most would call perfect weather at 65 degrees…

No… It is getting colder as we speak and there is a freeze warning that can finally justify your layers of clothing, your scarf, mittens, boots and beanie…

According to weather channels and reports across the board, we are headed for a freeze in areas that are not normally accustomed to temperatures of this nature…

The National Weather Watch has issued a “Freeze Watch” that takes effect from Tuesday evening through Thursday morning…

It was noted that the affected areas would be the lower Arizona deserts… including:


-Metro area


-Casa Grande

-Gila Bend




Temperatures are the coldest temperatures of the season so far with morning lows falling well below the 30s will fall in the lower 30s within the densely populated urbanized areas… and into the low to mid 20s in the outlying desert locations.

The impact to plant vegetation, pets and pipes can be devastating so get prepared!

Outdoor pets may need to be sheltered indoors and unprotected pipes may need to be covered….

For more information on how to protect your plants, click here!

Folks like we said, it is going to get ccccoooold! So stay warm and safe!

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