Why Client Feedback is Essential to Any Great Business

Why Client Feedback is Essential to Any Great Business Doug Zanes, the owner of Zanes Law Personal Injury lawyers, discusses why client feedback is an essential part of building a great business.

Why Client Feedback is Essential to Any Great Business

If you have ever been a client of Zanes, you’ve likely filled out our client survey once you case has come to a close. Although it is optional for our clients, we take it very seriously when the survey is taken.

In fact, it is crucial to helping us continue to add value to each person that walks through our door, every single day! Of course, no one wishes to have negative feedback or an upset client but at our offices we welcome every type of feedback that our clients share – the good and the bad.

And the best part about the negative feedback? (We promise there is a bright side) We get the opportunity to fix the problem! A lot of professionals out there either fear or ignore the “not so great” feedback from their clients, customers and guests…

But we always wonder…then how will we improve and know how to better serve our clients…if we don’t hear from our clients!? Even more so we’ve realized that one size doesn’t fit all or in other words each client is an individual not a number and thus requires attention and care per their case, concerns and needs.

Typically, law firms have a policy to call their clients twice a month to check in, update them on their case and ask and receive any pertinent information to move the case along. Depending on the law firm this may be one person (the attorney) or simply the case manager on the case.

At Zanes, we pride ourselves on giving our clients access to an entire team of highly trained professionals for the entire duration of their case. Clients will have a highly knowledgeable professional communicating with them every step of the way. Whenever there is a change happening in their case, a specific department is ready to pick up the phone and update the client with vital information.

In fact, we know that it takes more than a couple of phone calls a month to be on the same wave length with our clients. We believe that we need to be in alignment with our clients on a technical AND emotional level too. Accidents can be scary, damaging and sometimes life altering. Every single person at Zanes is trained to serve at the highest level of ability and skill and all of the team comes with a whole lot of compassion.

So the next time you need to speak to a professional, whether it be your attorney or physician or account, speak up! Give them a call and let them know how much you love (or not so much love) their services. If they want to continuously add value to their clientele, they will be all ears!

If you are a client of Zanes, please know how much we appreciate you. We know you have a lot of choices out there and we are grateful to be serving you!

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