Batman Saves The Day!

Batman Saves The Day! Do you remember our post about NEVER leaving anything in a parked car that is in the Arizona Summer Sun?

And makes Thursday a little brighter for us all!

Do you remember our post a couple of weeks ago about NEVER leaving anything precious in the parked car that is being heated by the beating sun at a 100 degree plus?

If you read it, you know that a parked car during an Arizona summer can read inside temperatures of 130 to 160 degrees!

One woman attempted to bake cookies in her car last week…


What does this have to do with batman saving the day?

Well last week a five year old boy (dressed in a batman costume) saved a little baby from the very heat we are talking about!

Little baby Iris Adamski was grocery shopping with her grandparents when she suddenly she found herself trapped inside a car.

According to Yahoo! sources, it was a scorching July afternoon when John and Caroline Penny went to the Tesco with their 1-year-old granddaughter, Iris … and then accidentally locked her in the hot car…

The Pennys called the police, but the toddler was beyond their reach — and thus, beyond their help.

The officers did what they could, but their only option was to smash open the back window.

But even when they did, there was no one small enough to crawl inside and retrieve the keys or baby Iris.


Well, five year old Zavi Ahmad was dressed like Batman ready to go grocery shopping with his mom and two year old sister…

When they came upon this very incident of baby Iris in an increasingly heating car.

Was it fate or some greater power that inspired Zavi to don the mantle of the Dark Knight on that of all days and for his mother to bring him with her to the store at such a fortuitous time?

The Caped Crusader risked life and limb as he crawled his way through broken glass…

Zavi was the only one around small enough to fit through the car’s back window,retrieve the keys, and save Iris!


We think not! This is ehhhm… Batman we are talking about after all …

Nonetheless, be safe out there in the heat and remember if you see an animal or a child in a parked car with the windows up in the heat, call for help IMMEDIATELY.

That call could mean life or death.


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