Amazon’s First Bookstore

Amazon’s First Bookstore

Amazon’s First Bookstore

The title may be confusing but it’s true!

The online retail store that once started by selling ONLY books and now sells EVERYTHING is opening a brick and mortar bookstore!

For those of us that still relish is a field trip to an actual bookstore to hold books in our hands to read, pick through and dare we say smell that old/new book smell…

You just can’t get that from your Kindle Paperwhite!

Book lovers rejoice!

Amazon Books is now open for business in Seattle. The floor is hardwood and the shelves and displays are weighed down by beautiful, physical books. It looks and smells like any ordinary bookstore.

But make no mistake… as one article put it  “It’s anything but. Amazon’s new store is the digital economy’s coming full circle — flipping the model to tie together online and offline in a whole new way. It’s establishing land-based business on e commerce prowess, and modeling the methodology of the next generation of retail.”

So what the heck does this mean exactly?

It means that has once again revolutionized the way we consume our books by merging its online data, customer reviews and more with the offline world of brick and mortar.

The company also says books sold in its store are priced the same as the ones on its website. The books are also placed cover-out, rather than the traditional spine-out.

Books are sorted by how many stars they’ve received on and by genre!

And for Kindle lovers, it’s only love as they provide stations to purchase your favorite novels right there on the spot.

As another writer notes: “In Amazon’s case, data and innovation have outdone the traditional benefits of the physical world: immediacy, personal connection and physical contact. But Amazon knows that people still yearn for the shopping experience, the book right now, the bookseller’s recommendations, the thinking process that occurs in a book store — even more than they yearn for endless variety or for shopping in bed.”

Perhaps it’s also no coincidence that this is the first year since the onslaught of digital readers that ebook sales fell dramatically in favor of physical books!

Check out the layout of the bookstore HERE!

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