2018 Zanes Law School Supply Giveaway Recipients!

2018 Zanes Law School Supply Giveaway Recipients!

Hello Teachers!

Here is everything you need to know about the giveaway along with a list of all registered teachers!

Zanes Law’s 8th Annual School Supply Giveaway:

  • Date: Saturday, August 4th
  • Time: 8:30am-10:00am (you may arrive anytime between those times)
  • WHERE: Our office! 3501 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, Arizona 85716 (parking lot).
  • Please bring some form of ID with your name on it so our registration table can check you in promptly.
  • You will be provided a large tote for your supplies. However, we recommend bringing another carrying case/bag to distribute the weight.

PLEASE BRING A DONATION! As always we partner with another local organization to maximize our efforts as a community! This year we are partnering with Casa Maria Catholic Worker Community!

This local Tucson organization helps those in DESPERATE need of food and hygiene products. Please, please, please take a minute to look through your kitchen or swing by the store before Saturday! Our goal is to collect 1,000 items! If everyone brings 2-3 items we will surpass this!! It can be as simple as ramen or mac-n-cheese! Everything counts! Needed items include: Non-Perishable food items, hygiene products, Used or new blankets, jackets, sweaters for the upcoming cold months!

  • This will be my first year attending…. Is this real? What’s the catch? Yes, this is real! The morning of Saturday, August 4th, you will check-in, get in line, and pick up free school supplies! You are free to leave right after or stick around and play games for a chance to win additional school supplies! I guess the ONE CATCH we have is that we ask you to check-in at Zanes Law and tag Zanes Law on Facebook if you have one! Post a selfie with friends or let us know on Facebook that you are here. Our team LOVES to scroll through our Facebook page and see all of your comments and photos- especially the Monday after the event. We scroll all morning on the big screen and everyone’s heart is filled!
  • Will there be enough supplies for everyone? Of course! We plan the amount of purchased supplies based off of our head count. Every teacher will receive the same amount of supplies unless they choose to participate in other activities where they can win additional items! This is why the RSVP process and headcount Is SO important!!
  •  Can I bring friends and family to the event? Of course! However, as a courtesy to our registered teachers, your personal guests cannot collect school supplies unless they have submitted an application and are on the “registration list”.
  • Do I need to bring anything? Yes, please bring any form of ID to check in and another carrying case such as a rolling cart or bag. You will be given a tote to collect your supplies, however, the bags do get heavy so having an extra carrying case to help distribute the weight is suggested!
    • **Note: we highly recommend leaving coffee, snacks, etc inside your car. You will be carrying a lot of supplies with your totes and juggling a coffee or smoothie makes it very difficult to carry everything! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉
  • Do I have to attend the event to collect my supplies? Yes, you must be present the day of the event to collect your supplies unless you send someone else to pick them up for you. All left over supplies will be donated to a local school and may not be picked up after the event.
  • Uh oh! My friend had an emergency- can I collect supplies for a teacher friend who is on the list, but cannot make it? Yes, however, you must collect your items first and re-register under your friend’s name and get back in line. This means you will be going through the line twice.  As a courtesy to our teachers we want the line to move as quickly as possible. Collecting supplies for more than one person slows the line down. It’s hot outside and we have to keep the line moving!
  • How long is the giveaway? You may attend anytime between 8:30am-10:00am. It should take no longer than 30 minutes to collect your supplies; however, many teachers stay longer to enjoy additional activities and win more supplies! Please note that at 10:00am we start packing up the supplies immediately so please do not arrive after 10:00am.
  • Where should I park? There is a large parking lot where the event is held, however, we recommend carpooling because spots are limited. There is also street parking on the North and West side of the building. Please DO NOT park at the Crossfit gym next to our building.
  • Water/bathrooms- There is a water fountain and bathrooms in the lobby of the main building. The lobby door will be propped open for teacher use.

We take RSVPs VERY SERIOUSLY! If you RSVPd and your name is on the list below, please plan on attending! We understand that emergencies happen, however, each year we have no-shows. If you simply do not show up that means a bag of supplies could have gone to another teacher in need. We have hundreds of teachers on the waitlist and appreciate your understanding!

If your name is NOT on the lis,  you will be unable to collect supplies (unless you are collecting for another teacher of course).

2018 Zanes Law School Supply Giveaway Recipients!

Abigail Johnson
Adam Guenthner
Adelina Jaurigue
Adilene Cota
Akeyla White
Alexandra DeVaughn
Alexandra Reene
Alicia Darden
Alina Ramirez
Allison Labenberg
Allison Ujihara
alva monreal
Alyssa Arellano
Amanda Basaldua
Amanda Federico
Amanda Harakal
Amanda Knutson
Amanda Molinar
Amanda Morris
Amber Defoe
Amy DeWitt
Amy Rubasch
Andrea Chavez
Angela cisneros
Angela Estrella
Angela Krumholz
Angela Molina
Angela soto
Anisa Crowley
Anisa Elias
Anissa Jimenez
Anita Wong
Ann Twarogal
Anna Duarte
Anna Luzania
Anna Stringer
Anne McKenzie
Anne Warner
Annessa Gonzales
Anthony Bonner
Anthony Mendoza
Antonia Gant
April Brown
April Elias
Araceli Gomez
Arlene Wade
Arthea Hummingbird
Barbara Hamdan
Barbara Lewis-Partch
Barbara Linke
Becki Ahrendt
Beth Pendolino
Bethanie Lee
Billie Harris-Buntin
Bonnie Kuch
Brandi Schindler
Breanne Dutton
Bridget Keating
Brittany Betterton
Cara Cowen
Carla Arvizu
Carmen Lamas
Caroline Aguilera
Carolyn Bauerelen
Carrol Rosado
Cassandra Cordts
Celina Ramirez
Cesilia Gutierrez
Cherie Creager
Chris Sanzo
Christina Negrete
Christina Pizarro
Christine Ambrose
Christine Bodie
Cindy Barnett
Cindy James
Cinnamon Conrad
Citlali Larrazolo
Claudia Torres
Claudia Valenzuela-Garcia
Coral Roberts
Cori Bravo
Cortney Quihuis
Courtney Shadlock
Cristal Mikesell
Cristina Robles
Cristobal Morales
Crystal Picazo
Crystal Shepard
Cynthia Carabeo
Cynthia Corrales-Diaz
Cynthia Lona
Cynthia Maldonado
Cynthia Peterson
Daisy Maynard
Danielle Van Derlaske
Deb Acker
Debbie Black
Debbie Fitzpatrick
Debbie Wolgemuth
Deborah Valerio
Dee Easterling
Denise Cota-Rodriguez
Denise Ferguson
Desert Harris
Diana Nunez
Diana Rojo
Dianna Nicholls
Donita Montgomery
Doris Paulik
Edaena Poroj
Elena Ryan
Elisabeth Bankhead
Elizabeth Cranford
Elizabeth Gary
Elizabeth Henshaw
Elizabeth Houston-Judd
Elizabeth Stevens
Ellen Floyd
Elva Barrales
Elyse Wexler
Emily Freed
Emily Irwin-Stazenski
Emily Toney
Erica Fox
Erika Jasso
Erika Tornberg
Erin Guenthner
Erin McAllister
Erin Samuels
Esperanza Soto
Esther Del Valle
Faith Ezrre
Gabriela Serrano
Gennesis Lopez
Georgette (Gigi) Jabbour
Georgina Quihuis
Gina Benson
Gina Rosen
Glenda myers
Gloria Ramirez
Glorivelisse Garcia
Guadalupe Chavez
Gwendoline Gutierrez
Heather Eldridge
Heather Fink
Heather Morgan
Hector Araiza
Heidi Jennette
Hilaria Courtright
Hilary Edmunds
Holly Davis
Hunter Hnat
Isabel Vega
Ivette Sanchez
Jacqueline Gilbert
Jaime Camero
Jaime Scheier
Janice Byrd
Jaymie Smoot
Jennifer Bell
Jennifer Boe
Jennifer Campbell
Jennifer Culbertson
Jennifer Dichter Roqueni
Jennifer Gomez
Jennifer Kerschner
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Paquette
Jennifer Queiruga
Jennifer Raymond
Jennifer Rolle
Jennifer Spragg
Jennifer Stretton
Jenny Warren
Jessica Canez
Jessica Grim
Jessica Kane
Jessica Leonard
Jessica Olivarria
Jessica Renner
Jessica Sobel
Jessica Wendt
Jillian Jackson
Joanie Duarte
Joanna Dojaquez
JoAnne Kjelstrom
John Tadlock
Josefina Olivas
Joyce Daigle
Judy Mitchell
Jule Abeytia
Julia Gates
Julie Allen
Julie Formo
Julie Pierce
Kara Wise
Karen Couch-Murphy
Karen Gamble
Karen Rogers
Kari Amarillas
Karina Navarrete
Karina Sanchez
Katelyn Martinez
Katherine McDonald
Kathy Wingstrom
Katie Montgomery
Keila Herrera
Kelli Zielinski
Kellie Goodheart
Kelly Tadlock
Kelsi Strickland
Kendra Swatzell
Kimberly Lugo
Kristen Crooks
Kristen Troia
Kristi Gutierrez
Kristie Cugini
Kristin Grow
Kristin Stutzman
Kristina Rustici
Kristina Swenson
Kristine Kramer
Krystal Petrosky
Larry DeVaughn
Laura Anthony
Leanna Trujillo
Leonor Norzagaray
Leticia Madril
Lily Del Valle
Lina Fermawi
Linda Garcia
Lindsay Wong
Lisa Figliolino
Lisa Gibbons
Lisa Holt
Lisa Linden
Lisa Smith
Lisa Stachowiak
Lizette Sanchez
Lizmary DeCoo-Pumarol
Lora Gaynor
Loraine Weisbrod
Lori Ramirez
Lorraine Owen
Lourdes Garino
Lucinda Vasquez
Luisa Martinez
Luz Acuna
Luz Laborin
Lydia Gonzalez
Lynnette Lehman
Magdalena Chavarria
Magdalena Murguia
Maja Quintero
Manuela Gilbride
Marcelo Anguamea
Marcia Zatarain de Cortina
Margaret Moeykens
Marguerite Samples
Maria Langis
Maria MacArthur
Maria Molina
Maribel Holguin
Marie Reeves
Marie Taylor
Marisa Soto
Marita Beeman
Mark Richter
Martha Borquez
Martin Dahlquist
Mary Ann Jester
Mary anne Mcdonough
Mary Grzybowski
Mary Martinez
Matt Van Derlaske
maxine Daly
Meagan Brown
Megan Hawkes
Megan Zwerk
Melanie Derksen
Melanie Hurst
Melinda Atkins
Melis Bustillos
Melissa Barngrover
Melissa Hubele
Melissa Morales
Melissa Soto
Melissa Wilburn
Mercedes Leon
Michaelle Hall
Michele Barton
Michelle Bulisache
Michelle Dulawan
Michelle Gutierrez
Michelle Machado
Michelle Mendez
Michelle Roosma
Michelle Voight Tolzman
Mikaela Robinson
Miriah Douglas
Miriam Grijalva
Mirna Lizarraga
Mojgan Goharriz
Molly Lawton
Monica Amador
Monica Ayon
Monica Dahlquist
Monique Leon
Monique Peralta
Morgan Galarza
Myrna Lujan
Nalda Francisco
Nancy Grim
Nancy Jimmerson
Neil Tolzman
Nicole Ball
Nicole Crowder
Nicole Esquivel
Nicole Handorf
Nicole Wisner
Nidia Orduno
Nikki Tapia
Nina Jolly
Noelly Martinez
Nova Kline
Patricia Herrle
Patricia Moore
Patricia Ortiz
Patricia Palomera
Patricia Shepard
Patty Frey
Paula Stoner
Prudentia Taku
Rachel Eisenstadt
Rachel Mullins
Rachel Thomas
Rachelle Ferris
Randi Le
Raquel Vargas-Lugo
Rebecca Ayers
Rebecca Latura
Rebecca Lopez
Rebecca Vargas (Smith)
Rebekah White
Renee Hulsey
Renee Quihuis
Rita Verdin
Rivera Norma
Robin Garcia
Robin Gilbert
Robin Myers
Robin Plouffe
Robin Prewitt
Robin Zemaitis
Robyn Yewell
Rochelle Kilmer
Rosa Chafin
Rosa Watson
Rosemary Gardner
Ryan Le
Samantha Ramos
Samantha Reynolds
Sandra Martinez
Sandra Shoffner
Sandra Swiderski
Sara Martinez
Sara Seery
Sarah Key
Sarah McMillen
Sarah Nissell
Sars Dineley
Shana Johnson
Shannon Langley
Shannon Schrell
Sharon Harkins
Shawna Kugler
Sheli North
sheree garcia
Shuanna Fuentes
Siobhan Daniel
Skyler Shenk
Sonia Campbell
Sonya Rosales
Stacy Bennon
Stephanie Barger
Stephanie Romanik
Stephanie Shay
Sunni Adams
Suqiong Fritz
Susan Armenta
Susan Brindley
Susan Luciano
Susan Rene Pierce
Susan Strautman
Susanne Segroves
Suzanna Granillo
Sylvia Aramburo
Takara Tatum
Taylor Stender
Teresa Bullard
Teresa Mortara
Terrence Valerani-Knoblich
Terri Lull
Terri Watson
Teryl Ford
Tiffany Schoonover
Tony Antista
Tori Jones
Tracee Anderson
Tracey Antista
Tracey Burton
Tracy Vincent
Trevetta Bennett
Tyler Kiecolt
Valera Deming
Valerie Valdez
Vanessa Hill
Vanessa Lopeaux
Veronica Ash
Veronica Bonner
Vicki Korth
Vickie Kiecolt
Victoria Pomeroy
Victoria Roman
Virginia Schoppenhorst
Yarezette Fenton
Yasmin Gomez
Yolanda Everett
Yolanda Serbeniuk
Yvette Herrera

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