Bee Safety

Bee Safety. Caution: Bee Season in Arizona.

Last Monday, two individuals in Scottsdale, Arizona were attacked by bees, leaving one hospitalized.

What to do when bees attack:

  • Run indoors as soon as possible. Do not stand still or swat them away. Simply run inside asap.
  • Cover your face and head as much as possible. Pull up your shirt or cover your face with a jacket or hat.
  • Do NOT jump into a pool or other water source. The bees will wait for you to come up for air and sting right away.
  • Once you’re safe inside, go to the hospital if you have been stung multiple times.

How to prevent bee attacks:

  • Wear light-colored clothes. Bees are attracted to dark-colored clothing.
  • Avoid floral colors.
  • Avoid citrus fragrances.
  • Check the outdoor area of your home monthly to ensure there aren’t any signs of bees. If there are, call pest control asap.

Thank you Tucson News Now for the original article.

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