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Car Accidents and Senior Drivers: A Hard Look at the Facts Feel a pang of worry every time Grandma or Granddad gets behind the wheel? It’s understandable. Senior drivers make up 18 percent of all traffic fatalities, and, except for teen drivers, senior drivers have the highest fatality rate per mile driven. However, it may […]

Rental Car Accidents & Auto Insurance

Eliminating Traffic Fatalities, Lessons from Sweden As a Phoenix personal injury lawyer, I wonder if Phoenix can improve its traffic accident rates by focusing on the design of its roads rather than trying to change human behavior? Swedish traffic safety experts indicate that it’s possible. In 1997, Sweden adopted a “Vision Zero” policy, which has […]

Zanes Law Donates Thousands of School Supplies to 450 Tucson Teachers at its 8th Annual School Supply Giveaway! Zanes Law donates school supplies at our Eighth Annual School Supply Giveaway on Saturday, Aug.4th. At the first school supply giveaway in 2010, 100 lucky teachers benefited from the program. This year, over 400 teachers attended and […]

Hello Teachers! Here is everything you need to know about the giveaway along with a list of all registered teachers! Zanes Law’s 8th Annual School Supply Giveaway: Date: Saturday, August 4th Time: 8:30am-10:00am (you may arrive anytime between those times) WHERE: Our office! 3501 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, Arizona 85716 (parking lot). Please bring some […]

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Driver Safety: What you need to know during Arizona’s monsoon season Arizona drivers beware: Monsoon season is well underway and driver safety should be top of mind. A monsoon is a large-scale change in weather pattern characterized by thunder, lightning, heavy rainfall, flash floods, high winds, dust storms, extreme heat and even hail. The season […]

Rental Car Accidents & Auto Insurance

Rental Car Accident: What You Need to Know About Insurance Summertime is here, and for many of us that means road trip! If you’re using a rental car, for peace of mind, you’ll want reassurance that you’re going to be fully covered by insurance in the event of a rental car accident. But with the […]

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What to Do After an Out-of-State Car Accident The Phoenix car crash lawyers at Zanes Law know that an out-of-state car accident can bring double the stress of an accident that was closer to home.  It can mean having to take your car somewhere unfamiliar for repairs or dealing with another motorist who lives elsewhere. […]

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Study Suggests Crash-Prevention Technology Can Make a Big Difference in Reducing Car Crashes For your next car, should you buy one with driver-assist technology? Or is it just all hype? According to an Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) study, it’s definitely notmere hype and certain technologies are helpful in reducing car crashes.

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Car Crash Risks & Heatwaves Extremely Hot Weather is Associated with an Increased Risk of a Car Crash As temperatures rise in Phoenix, your risk of a car crash may increase as well.  That is what Spanish researchers found. In a 2015 study,risk of motor vehicle accidents increased on heat wave days. Particularly with regard […]

How Installing a Car Seat Improperly Can Lead to Injury As a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix I see first hand the injuries that children suffer in car accidents. I also see how instaling a car seat properly can save lives and prevent injuries. Unfortunately, many parents don’t put much thought into installing a car […]