Accidents Involving Undocumented/Illegal Persons and What to Do

by Doug Zanes | Last Updated: August 4, 2015

Although a hot topic across the nation, illegal aliens immigration and all of its political climaxes and opinions is NOT the topic of discussion on today’s blog post.

We here at Zanes Law acknowledge that the topic is one of both importance and tension especially here in Arizona, a state bordering Mexico. However, we reserve this space for education and information to serve the public on what to do in various situations involving personal injury.

In that same vein, today’s posts revolves around those who are illegally residing in the United States, (specifically those illegal aliens residents in Arizona) who are involved in an accident resulting in their injury.

There is a common misconception that those who are here in the U.S. illegally or who are undocumented do not have the right to bring forth a personal injury claim…

This is simply incorrect.

In fact, it is quite the opposite. Anyone who is illegally residing in the U.S. still has the right to seek legal help in filing for and get compensated fairly in a claim.

This is not about illegal aliens immigration although an impassioned conversation, we are not a space discussing this.

In fact, Zane Law has helped numerous individuals (who are deemed illegal aliens immigrants) successfully file a claim and get fairly compensated for their personal injuries.

Understandably so, many who are residing in the U.S. illegally not only believe they do not have this right but they fear that if brought forth they risk being reported or deported.

This is simply not true.

If you are bringing a personal injury claim, that risk (although the fear is valid) is not at stake.

Contact with Department of Immigration or Homeland Security or the police will not be an occurrence due to filing a legitimate claim especially with an attorney.

Even if your claim reaches a stage of litigation, your claim and your right to be fairly compensated for your injuries will be held up in the court of law.

This is not to claim that one will be treated fairly as one who is deemed a legal resident of the U.S. but nonetheless the right is there.

Filing a claim can be imperative to gaining access to medical care as well. Many illegal residents often do not have any access or opportunity for access to health care especially if injured.

However, if a personal injury law firm is obtained, we will be sure that the first order of business will be your health.

If you or someone you know is an illegal resident of the U.S. and they are residing in Arizona and they have a personal injury claim they wish to bring forth, do not hesitate for a moment, call us at Zanes Law and we will be here to serve you.


Doug Zanes
Doug Zanes: Founding Attorney Raised in Douglas, Arizona, and went to college at Arizona State University and graduated from law school at St. Mary’s University School of Law in Texas. Doug began practicing law in Phoenix Arizona in 1997.
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