Abusive Dentist Steps Stops Practicing in Florida

by Doug Zanes | Last Updated: May 28, 2015

If there is anyone reading this blog post who just loves going to the dentist…


You’re weird…

Seriously who likes to go to the dentist?!

And this bit of news isn’t going to make going to the tooth doctor any easier…

A Jacksonville, Florida dentist stepped down from his position as such after alarming and abuse stories of his alleged handling of young patients.

Dr. Schneider (the dentist and accused in this case) said he’s done nothing wrong, but, on Friday, he stepped down from practicing dentistry, according to the Associated Press.

The firestorm of accusations began after Brandi Motley wrote about the day she took to her 6-year-old daughter to Schneider to have one tooth pulled…

Eek. One tooth sounds bad enough… but on the day of surgery in December 2014, Motley said she was not allowed to sit with her daughter.

The mother was told that kids tend to stay calmer when the parent is out of sight and was told to wait in the lobby…

Well that “wait time” was three hours!

When the nurse finally came out to communicate with Motley, she let her know that there had been an “incident”

We feel all the parents right now, hearts a little elevated…Deep breath….

Motley’s daughter came out of the dentist office looking like she she came out a horror film with “blood all over her face, marks on her arm and face,” the mother described.

The poor kid was hyperventilating… Trust us we were too when we read this!

Angry and unable to get an clear explanation of what had happened, Motley says she and her daughter left to rush to an emergency room.

However, much to Motley’s horror when her daughter removed the dental gauze from her mouth, there were no teeth left in her daughter’s mouth.

The dentist horror movie doesn’t end there…

According to Motley’s daughter, Schneider hit and choked her to which Motley called the police and reported the incident.

Initially, no attorney would take her case… some believing it was a fluke…

But she decided to turn to social media and post pictures of her daughter’s gruesome dental encounter on Facebook…

Of course…

We know what happens when things hit Facebook…

Soon other parents started putting up pictures of their children’s unwanted procedures at the hands of Schneider.

One woman, Amanda Barry, was one of the parents who posted to Motley’s Facebook post.

Barry  is deaf. Her five-year old son, Dominic, is blind in one eye. Barry says Dominic was referred to Schneider for a crown in March.

The boy is part of a civil suit accusing Schneider of assault and battery.

According to the complaint, “two front teeth were removed for unknown reasons” and that Dominic was “terrified and told stories of the dentist choking (him).”

“I screamed for my mom,” Dominic said.

“That’s what bothers me the most,” Amanda Barry said. “Because I’m deaf, I can’t hear anything, and to know that my child was calling for me and my name and I couldn’t help him. It makes me feel lousy.”

Motley’s family at one point was part of that same lawsuit but has since withdrawn.

They are now pursuing a medical malpractice suit, represented by attorney John Phillips.

Phillips says he also represents dozens of Schneider’s former patients, most of whom rely on Medicaid for health insurance.

“Medicaid paid him per tooth,” attorney Gust Sarris said. “So, can I cap a tooth twice?

Yes. Can I then pull it? Yes. Can I then successfully obtain benefits for all three? Absolutely.”


In fact, Schneider has made a fortune from Medicaid.

State records show Schneider has received nearly $4 million in Medicaid reimbursements in just the last five years…

The tooth fairy apparently resides in Medicaid.

The Florida Attorney General’s office has launched a criminal Medicaid fraud investigation, and the claims stretch back decades…


Despite the calls to police, the malpractice settlements and the fraud investigation…

Schneider is still free to practice!

His license is clear.

According to the Florida Board of Dentistry, he’s not been disciplined by the state….

But for all the parents whose children suffered at the hands of this dentist, this is unacceptable. They want Schneider “to go to jail, to never work on any other kids, to shut his doors so he can never do this again.”

As for all those out there yet to see the dentist…

Keep brush and flossing those pearly whites of yours!

Doug Zanes: Founding Attorney Raised in Douglas, Arizona, and went to college at Arizona State University and graduated from law school at St. Mary’s University School of Law in Texas. Doug began practicing law in Phoenix Arizona in 1997.
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