3 Things You Should NEVER Do in Arizona.

3 Things You Should NEVER Do in Arizona.

  1. Leave your children/pets in a hot car
  2.  Go hiking by yourself or with your children/pets when it’s over 100 degrees
  3. Underestimate the heat

Sounds obvious- we know!

The alarming amount of heat-related injuries and fatalities in Arizona are 100% preventable by using some common sense.

Remember the phrase, “if you’re thirsty, it’s too late”? Well, that applies to Arizona when it comes to thirst and overall heat. If you feel that it’s too hot outside- it might be too late!

Remember, children and animals have a lower tolerance to heat and are unable to communicate how hot they are.

So, please, do not become another Arizona statistic and make smart decisions when it comes to the heat.

Photo: Unsplash.com 

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