12 Year Old Boy Dies While Hiking in Phoenix, AZ- Go Fund Me Set Up


A sweet young boy named, Cody, has passed away while hiking the Sidewinder Trail in Phoenix, Arizona.

His stepmother and father have set up a GoFundMe page to help with the expenses of this strategy:

“Our son, Cody, tragically passed away at 12 years old on Friday, July 22nd. He has touched the hearts of so many people. He was such a good boy, he just wanted to make everyone laugh, and he loved his computer, kindle and video games. He was a Boy Scout, going into 7th grade this year, and absolutely loved his family and friends. We are asking for your love and support through this horrible, long journey.”

Although we do not recommend hiking in the current Arizona temperatures you can click here to read our recent blog post about hiking safety tips if you choose to go hiking.

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