100 Dollar Bill Scam

100 Dollar Bill Scam


100 Dollar Bill Scam

All of us could use a $100 dollars every now and again…

There was even a viral video of local Kansas City police officers hand out $100,000 worth of money to local people in need by a “Secret Santa” donor…

But if you find money on your windshield, it could be sign that something more sinister is abound…

A Jefferson County woman’s Facebook post has set off “alarm bells” in the minds of shoppers, hours before Black Friday shopping…

That fear is $100 costing you your car…

A similar scam was happening during the holidays this time last year in Maryland and is now happening in St. Louis and spreading!

According to one St. Louis woman, she didn’t even notice the fake bill until a couple days later as it flapped in the wind…

A few Sundays ago, she and her baby son met her mom at a shopping center in Fenton. They went to Michaels to buy decorations for a first family Christmas tree…

The woman reported to Fox 2 that neither her nor her mother had noticed what turned out to be “fake” bills, until they drove away….

However, the idea was to have someone get into their car, notice the $100 through the windshield, open their door (while the car is still running), and exit to retrieve the “fake” bill…

“You leave the car running, open the door, walk over and grab the dollar bill and they jump in behind the wheel and take your car,” Fox 2 reported.

Had this St. Louis woman noticed it right away, she could have been a victim…

“I probably would have got out and grabbed it … with the car still running with my son in the back seat.”

Her Facebook post of the fake bill has been shared nearly 10,000 times.

During this season of giving, this woman doesn’t want anyone to get taken advantage of and for a good reason too!

Although many people are paying it forward this season in heartwarming ways, others are are reaping the benefits of distracted shoppers, holiday mayhem and just plain mean spirited attempts at grand theft auto.

No reports of this scam have been reported in pima or maricopa county. However, should you see something of this nature or are the victim of this, please report it to your local police force immediately.

STAY SAFE and Enjoy the Holidays!


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